22. Romance

Child wishes boldly, frankly and lovely will share all its Romance step by step. The entire world histories [rulers, countries and other types of personalities] are written not on the basis of actual Romance but something in different practices and behaviors. Firstly we have to understand and realize the practices and behaviors so far hidden behind all these histories of so called leaders and personalities; Oh! My Lord of Lords!

These actions not only were gonging on ancient time; but present time too.

Forcibly or attractively catching innocents[below the age of twelve years- almost girls and boys]


Forcibly or attractively the so called leaders and personalities were practiced sex by so called leaders and personalities; given to others or sell in the name of marriages and prostitutions.

Then introduced physical exercises.
Later on handed weapons on their hands.
Left them in the society back and recruit new members.
Finally they claimed and declared as leaders.
But lose of the particular tree made the child; put in the state of continuously crying and endless suffocations. That is why child had offered his blood and flesh to the holy symbol and holy lingam at the age of six and finally left to the holiest mount Kailash. The entire variety of jasmines flowers blossoms during sun-set; where all the types of Angels will appear around the particular atmosphere.
child is now with the particular tree and flowers; which was planted by the child. It is located closer to the shrine. Other flowers blossom during sun-rise; where all the types of Devas appear in the particular atmosphere.
Oh!! My Supreme Lord; For all these happenings the mass-medias are as functioning and acting as the major agents of the so called leaders and personalities. Child visited so-many marriage ceremonies.
Child has seen the same and one bridge-groom for; was participated as bridge-groom as all the marriages. Bridges are different.

Oh!! My Divine Lord!! Please look in to these shameful actions.
For these actions and happenings; Legal professionals, educationists, other experts, leaders, and personalities are behind it.

Reason statistical information-data produces that: -
• One boy is having more nine hundred girls for not only for sexual-purposes but to act as spies by the so called leaders and personalities.

• One girl is having more than one hundred and fifty boys, gents and children for the same purposes by leaders, bosses and other personalities.

• This is the situations of the so called freedom-fighters, leaders and other personalities.

These are main reasons and causes; Child is seriously wounded, damaged and hurt in and of Child structure and later on feared, worried and scared to the word of “marriage” and its process.
There was principal in leading school; who married several times in several palaces [even in foreign countries] in different names. He is able to change his form through plastic surgery. Child had realized clearly; that in the name of “education” most criminal actions and cruelty was seriously damaged and destroyed most of the Hindu-Saiva orthodox society very long time ago [more than forty years ago]. Still these types of practices are in operation made by his students or followers.

2. Site affects of these acts.
Abnormal practices lead to many types of disorders.
Spreading diseases which are unrecoverable.
Members of the society or their generations are so weak in the prime structure [genetic-codes], mind and body too. What a shame that they claim as the kings, heroes and saviors of the people, nations and world. [Where are civilization, culture tradition and etc stands]?
 In this position child wish to remember the sayings from the ancient sage from China who is the first disciple of Laordsa [founder of Taoism]; named as Savundale. “Cultures and Civilizations are the main center and causes for the violence, wars and sins. Similarly literature, righteousness, law and etc are main center and cause for the same”.

Oh!! My Divine Lord;

These are the main causes of violent and wars everywhere in the world.

1. Jeeva-Haarunjum [Compassion].

Compassion doesn’t have the followings; -
a. possession.
b. ownership.
c. claims.
d. declarations.
e. conditions
f. Punishments and etc.


Compassion has the followings: -

a. Sharing.
b. Services.
c. Transformations of urgency.
d. Caring.
e. Truthfulness.
f.  Dedication.
g. Spontaneous action.
h. Rewards and etc.

So far Child is still being has only Compassion. So far Child is still being has only Compassion.


2. Love.
Love primly blossoms within the Heart; later on will be transformed in to Brain [mind].
If love stands and always be in the prime state, Love will function as compassion and will have all the qualities of Compassion.  “If love transformed in to Brain; the different and all the types of wars and violent will begin”.  This is the important and dynamic message from Child.

If what ever, when ever and where ever child loves[persons, things, thoughts , perceptions and etc] ; that will be immediately plugged, damaged, stolen, silently bargained for sale and marketed by the so called leaders, freedom fighters, educationist, specially by the psychologists and others.  These are the actual happenings occurred so far on its past steps of the Child.

Oh!! My Supreme Divine Lord!!!

Look at these civilized, cultured and traditional persons who so far had done the unrecoverable damages and refused all the types of basics [fundamental rights of Child] to the Child. That is why the Child is still alone.
Anyhow, Child is maintaining the well balanced state of love and compassion as same.  Child doesn’t know to fight against all these negative actions which are going on moment to moment around the Child.  Child has given total and complete freedom to everybody. But all are misused Child finally made the Child as: -
a. slave.
b. prisoner.

Everything which is fundamentally and essentially needed to Child was completely blocked, diverted, rationed and uprooted.  All these so called “agents” shown everything to Child and immediately removed what they shown.

Oh!! My Divine Lord!!!

Why all these sources were burnt, killed and destroyed leaves, flowers, fruits, joys and etc of the totally innocent Child in all the ways and all the directions.


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