25. Land and Property

In the “Mahabharata Epic”
1. Land issue was the first main cause for the war which was Dividing the “Land” for all princes and kings
2. Girl [Thirofpathai-Panchaali] was the second main cause for the war where all the kings and forces want to share the particular girl for their sexual pleasures [this is the worst type of diplomacy that the child had come across so far].
3. Diplomatist [Kannan-Krishna] was third main cause for war who was the diplomatist; had made everything in to mess and psychic violation.
Child thought; that all these world famous epics are stories. Now only the Child has realized the actuality.
TRULY these three {Land, Girl and Diplomacy} are the actual issues and practices; which are the prime and main causes for the present war through out the country and world too; which was made by so called freedom fighters, leaders and other specialists so far.
Oh!! My Divine Lord!!
Is this is culture?
Is this is tradition?
Is this is civilization?
Is this is history?
OH!! What a shame!!!
How to administrate or eradicate all these “abnormal-acts”?
  My Divine Majesty!!

Whenever and wherever child goes; everybody offered their land and property from its childhood onwards.
Child always smiled and accepted only their love, their understandings of the inner-inspiration of child, romantic-actions and their ways of communications.

Due to this happenings; known and unknown sources were blocking the offerings and they were plugging everything which are belonging to child. When the child was near the holiest mount Kailash; all the Saadhus were saying to the child “all these beautiful nature and its gifts are belongs to child and owner of nature”.
Child was smiled and accepted their words of love and compassion.Child answered as “child is belongs to the nature. Nature is the owner of child”.
  All the Saadhus and other Tibetan masters were embracing the child just after had listen the answer of the Child. They were trying to utter the word “Incarnation”. But CHILD didn’t permit the word to blossom from their mouth. In the religious world the word “Incarnation” is unwontedly and unnecessarily introduced.
These types of practices are introduced in other fields or personalities such as politics, cinema, business, science and etc.

This word is generally used as “Phinaamy” later on. All these practices are implemented on Child by the so called leaders, thinkers, so called freedom fighters, experts and etc so far. This is the worst damage and unending suffocations that the Child is being undergone.
Oh my Divine Lord!!
When all these fake actions and abnormal fake practices will come to an end?


  Child frames holiest TEMPLE for child [SOUL], WHY?
  How You Divine Majesty;
going to release the “auto-biographer”-the Child from all these?
Every body [so called leaders, rulers, thinkers, so called freedom fighters, so called lovers, so called friends[special engineers, doctors, lawyers, masters, teachers, educationists, other experts and etc] are being cheated, fooled, damaged, trying to uproot and trying to misguide and misuse the Child.
All these so call personalities are full of jealousy of Child. Another unknown teams or groups or personalities enter through electronic media calling through the emails the Child as partner, uncle, father and so on.
They were
1. Steeling Child’s
a. Discoveries.
b. External treasurers.
c. Conceptions.
  d. Perceptions.
e. Missions.
f. Visions.
2. Plugging
  a. given properties.
b. donated properties: -
Wholeheartedly donated property was put for auction by so called freedom fighters and other leaders. Auction matter was overcome last minute by the Child in the year 2006, of 9th Jan.
Now so called ---- are that they were made it only for advertising purpose.
3. Blocking
  Which are belonging to the Child from long time onwards. These so called personalities didn’t have any originality and creativity but they are trying to identify the Child through documents.

Oh!! My Divine Lord!!!
Make full stop for all these unwanted rubbish.
  In the moment of the birth of Child Sages, strangers [astrologers, astronomers, true seekers, genuine rulers and persons who possess occult –powers] non-relatives and offered; most of the treasurers which the entire world had never seen so far.

The great person Saththiyainthiraananthar vowed that he will transfer the entire Divine wealth, Divine virtues, Divine treasures and as well as other too to the Child.
Due to “Land and Property” issue; the Child finally left its native place at once just after school.
Child thought to stay permanently at mount Kailash but changed its wish finally and back to its nation.
In the city; orthodox families offered their land, property and wealth to the Child; but that too plugged by the so called ……..

After those happenings; nearly three years Child was under the roof of sky and over the bed of earth.
Divine Arrangement made a place; where Child presently dwelling more than two decays which is freshly blossoming as holy shrine for every-beings for ever. This place too was trying to plug by so called …… but Child is still standing and facing all the obstacles up to now for the issue of “Land and Property”.
  Not only for the “Land and Property” issue but the entire issues the Child was adopted or claimed by: -
1. Protestants.
2. Catholics.
3. Pentecost.
4. Various types of cults [freedom fighters, other leaders and religious sects. Due to this “claims and adoptions” the followings wars were netted right round the Child form long time onwards.
  1. Cold war.
Star war.
Religious war.
Social war.
Cultural war.
Language war.
Concept ional war.
8. War for
9. War for
10. War for
11. War for
Wealth and so on.

Child patiently and successfully crossed over: -
a. Huge mountains [obstacles].
b. Ridges and Valleys [frictions, falsehoods—given so called educational systems…actually resulted in to six distinctions with two credits purposely twisted and turned down to 6c with 2s in o/l; two A, one B with C well cheated and turned in 3C with S in a/l and frustrations].
c. Oceans [suffocations].
d. Deserts [in and out touché rings] and so on.

So many gunmen send by so called ----- towards to the Child for to gun down the Child.
When they look at the Child; they completely changed their act, mind and gone away.
On 13th Feb 2008;
Between 5.10 pm 5.55 pm;

  So called freedom fighters
[Including Qualified medical doctors and engineers] were send a “suicide person” with fixed all the suicide-belt and bomb [fitted by the medical doctors- the main agent of so called freedom-fighters and other leaders] towards to the
Child.  The particular suicide-person was with the Child for forty-five minutes.
The person was talking with the
Child. The person was two times to try to switch on to blast himself and the Child too. Child was very carefully and tranquilly handled the person.
At the time there were eight people presented and they all were left the place one by one [Near the Holy Shrine].

Finally the person has changed his attitude and left.
The person is so innocent; where
Child first time met him in the year of 1987 in a library in Colombo; when he was preparing his thesis [Faculty of arts] to submit to the university of Jaffna.
Actually Child was helping or rather guiding him to fulfill his thesis during the period of the year of 1987.

Are they [so called---] still trying to say any excuses to anybody for these acts or plots? --------
Especially Medical Doctors and Engineers – are the main agents of the so called freedom-fighters and leaders; who are the worst ----- criminals; the
Child never has seen so far.
  OH!! My Holiest Lord!!
What I have to do all these unending Plots and Plans?
Why My Divine Majesty!! You are waiting and in Silence!!!
Eradicate totally!!
This is My Inner-command!!!
I can’t wait for all these rubbish acts.
Act it spontaneously.
If YOU fail to do, so I am going to curse the whole structure IN and OUT.
  This is Divine Vow!!
  Whether all these freedom-fighters and leaders are fighting for their own “sexual freedom”?
Are they “
covered society or groups or few people”?
All these freedom fighters and leaders collected [forcibly] more than hundreds of millions currencies on the name of Child.
All these collections are not for the people but their comforts.
So called leaders; invested all these collections [by forcibly] in foreign countries.
They spoiled quality, character, genuine and etc of Child.
Due to the acts of all these so call leaders; Child is struggling in and out.
Child is suffocating to fulfill its project.

Each and every Steps of Child will be highlighted in future.
  3. Grace.
4. Silence.

These four are the main pillars of the actual
When ever and where ever Child observes such as: -
SUN in any position,
Water falls,
Birds and other natural actions;
Child blossoms as the embodiment of compassion, love and grace spontaneously and simultaneously.
  Style of dance of Shiva [carrying weapon in hand] was being practiced so many personalities in different forms and names in very later periods.
Examples may follow: -

1. Jesus Christ.
2. Mahatma Gandhi.
3. Head of forces.
4. Principals.
5. Teachers.
6. Man who controls cows and Shepherds

A student strictly belongs to its parents up to eighteen years. After eighteen years a student belongs to itself as well as strictly belongs to the nation.



In the new educational system, wastage of educational materials [stationeries, tools and other equipments] should have to be reduced and spending of money on education would have to be reduced more than ninety nine percentages [99. /.]. For an example: -
If a person’s income one hundred units in his life-period, spending money on education may be less than one unit.

But spending money on current educational systems through out the world is upside down.

That is: ----------Income =100 units
Expenditure on education= 99units
Other utilities= one unit.

In the new educational system, TIME will be saved more than eighty two percentages of a person’s life cycle. If a person’s life period is one hundred years, spending time on education will be only eighteen years and enjoying life period will be eighty two years.


CHILD is perfectly completed his theoretical and practical educations below twelve years. The holiest person Saththiyainthiraananthar guided the CHILD soundly and totally.

But the whole set up and the entire systems were refused to allow the CHILD to live naturally and peacefully.


Then only all the types of dream concepts, fake theories and unpractical methods and systems will be completely destroyed at once.

If EDUCATION is being perfectly framed and operated truly in a family, nation and through out the entire world; the entire sections such as finance, defense, health, administration, justice and etc would have been functioned perfectly.
2. Kapam [structures of chest] functions clearly.
3. Piththam [structures of Intestine] functions soundly.
4. Vaatham[structures of both  legs] is not functioning properly. Both keels refused to response and lost the direct link with relevant cells of the  brain. The holiest person walked right round the area where the child dwells plugged fourteen leafs and collected two red color bricks. He has heated two bricks and  placed seven leafs on one brick other seven leafs on the second brick. Finally he kept both keels of the  child over the leafs for couple of  blinks more than ten occurrences. Immediately child got up and started to walk here and there. All the doctors were in shock and obeyed the holiest person and said we have studied nothing in the campus but we have to learn more and more from the native medicine and nature cure system. One day;  While child and father were cleaning the garden at its village Child found a peculiar creeper plant which was supported by a Hohomba tree. Accidentally the creeper plant was cut in the middle part.

Oh!! What a surprise? Suddenly water was flowing from  the creeper plant which was look like water flow from a motor line. Father was in the state of shock, fear and surprise.The water was very pure, clean and possesses medicinal value. It should had had consist of full of herbs too. But the water was colorless.  Father was unable to stop the water flowing from the plant.Water was flowing more than couple of hours.
Following day the creeper plant fading little by little. Father and child were highly worried.
Child was trying to create a plant
out of it but failed.
Child realized the root of the creeper must be rooted very deeply and connected with water
springs [paathaala Ganga]. Child still couldn’t find the particular plant anywhere.

Later on child was discussing about the creeper with botany experts. They answered that they never found this type of creeper. Child shared about the creeper
with saints and sages. They said that they had heard and somewhere read about the creeper from the very ancient literature like Sakunthalam. Saththiyainthiraananthar said It was named as ‘neerkodhi’ [water creeper]. This type of creeper may be available only in desert.

When child was at the age of nine surrounded by the Catholics and protestant while at city. Suddenly
three or four ladies had arrived the spot and sung wonderful song as “Saththiyam Shivam Suntharam”. Child had first time listen the song and absorbed the perfect vibration.  Both groups were left the child

Happenings of fall
A. close to the well

When the child was at the age of nine the child had undergone supernormal processes.
1.  The child climbed twenty five feet height for to repair the old system of well at home. Father and mother were observing the repairing process. Unexpectedly the main beam of the water-taker fallen down. In a lightening way child had pushed the main beam into the well. Otherwise the main  beam should have fallen over the parents who were standing in front of the well.

At the same time child was holding of a small branch of a tree where the main beam was fixed.Child bended it’s body in to half circle [cat style] and jumped down more than the height of twenty five feet.
Child and it’s parents didn’t have any injuries. Later on only child hared that the so call freedom fighters
go for ‘jumping training’ and etc to the jungles and foreign
countries.Child is naturally framed and formulated moment to moment it’s carrier and inner and outer  personality from it’s birth onwards.

2. When this was happening the Saththiyainththiraananthar Arriving from Himalayas to the child’s house.
Following day early morning He took the child and jumped into the same well. He  performed a very special ritual to child. This is the third ritual. Second ritual happened at the age of three. First ritual happened at birth.First ritual is named as  “Brammothayam [Make ‘link’ the outer space with inner space].Second ritual is named as “ThasaNaathaMuhaSambaasanaa” [Communication with ten  Divine members through ten deities]. Third ritual is named as “MOUnashiram Sthaapitham” or “Summaasthaanam” Shankalpam or “Ammai Appaa Kojil” Prathishdaa. It is an only and only ideal temple of ‘Divine Father and Divine Mother’ in  the Globe, where “Shelter of Silence” blossoms naturally and spontaneously.
  B. From top of the roof
  When the child was at the age of nineteen visited a house in the city. There was a request to check the unwanted elements in between roof and ceiling. But unfortunately child had fall from the top of roof.
Child has fallen inside the room over the bar of the bed. The bar of the bed was broken. Child was unable to walk more than forty days. Child climbed to remove the dead rat which was in between roof and ceiling. But there was a short in the current circuit which was affected the child fallen through the ceiling on to the bar of the bed. Child was taken immediately to the hospital checked and there were no fractures. But there were muscular cracks on the bottom part of the portion. Most of were worried that there bed was broken. Child had realized the mentality of city people.

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