10. In Kailash

   The child had spent a very long period of time in the holiest mount Kailash. When child first time landed
in the Holiest mount Kailash, Child was surrounded by  various types of people and Saadhus including Laamas.
There first question was:-

Child was from which country?
Child answered spontaneously “I am form NEERVELY” Saththiyainththiraananthar said they were asking name of your country. Child was  again and again replying
I am from NEERVELY which is surrounded by water in all the directions. It may named as Mt.Kailash or Shivabhoomi or Lanka or Benaaras or Mansarovar or Earth. NEER means water. VEELY means protection or
Limits. Earth is surrounded by the Water. The very ancient name  is Shivabhoomi [Elankai] given by Thirumoolavar. But the child realized the natural name is NEERVELY. Saththiyainthiraananthar too
and others were in the state of Shocks and surprises. All the saints, sages, people and experts were accepted the true facts and messages.

CHILD has produced as: -
1. True format of Language.
2. True format of Religion.
3. True format and the name of Nation. Child said TRUTH is TRUTH. But mass and other Medias say ‘This is terrible’. They were failed to face and realize these facts and TRUTH. Oh! What foolishness and ignorance. When and how all these people, Medias and other leaders are want to come out from all the types of prisons, dreams concepts,delusions and illusions which are generating endless suffocation
throughout the world still up to now.

Why did you come to this spot?

Child answered---

Because: - air is polluted.
Water is polluted.
Food is polluted.
Reason: - Charmers are the cause

For the entire pollution.
Some more or the other ways they want to disturb or destroy perfect
balance of the nature. These are  tactics, the various types of invasions [other types of religions, even so-called freedom fighters and communists] were made. These will destroy the originality of everything.

Their third question is about the ‘name’…

Child answered….
Their fourth question is about the names of father and mother?
  Saththiyainthiraananthar didn’t allow me [child] to answer it. He said to them firstly welcome the child, become friendly with child and opens yours hearts and minds to the child. Then only child will able to share at least the externals. After this message, they realized the seriousness of the child. Firstly they had shown their  medical care center.

Without any fear child met all the types of sick people. There were no doctors in the center but the ratio of the nature [the five elements] were maintained perfectly. Most the illnesses are caused by the failure of the maintenance of the ratio of natural elements in the human anatomy and as well as in the surroundings. Child realized if anyone destroys and even imbalances the ratio of the natural elements in and out will be terrorist. Child had cured sick people who were in the state of very serious condition, with his healing hands.
Most of the medical experts had realized “nature cure system” in their very later stages. But it was too late. Child mastered his healing career based on the “nature cure system of complete medicine” form the age of five to the age of twelve.

Now only the child is hearing that, in Germany; ‘in their educational system they guide the students at the age of seven towards to their natural talent of students such as medicine, technical fields and so on”. But in the very ancient period onwards in the eastern part of the globe the great seekers had these types of systems and practices.

When the child was at the Holiest Mt.Kailash may able to absorb the feed back control system not only in the medical field but also in  each and every systems too. Child was sung set of poems and firstly delivered to them [at Mt.Kailash]. Later on recently translated this poem in Thamilhz for the publication on the law-college magazine.
  Leave it to live
Blowing air naturally blows
Speaking air naturally speaks
Nation, unseen, natural ‘child’
Leave the child to dwell, for ever.
Trees, creepers flowering fruits
Bowing heads think for thee act
Penance observers, wait for merit
Leave, trees and creepers to live.

Making laws for wasting life-span
Learn to live under thee feet, stand
Rivers and seas asking freedom
So, stop plot at once for it.

Calling earth, land as mother
But, had put those for an auction
Want to praise earth land mother
Don’t divide earth and land.

Natural child, is spark of God
Natural child, to blossom naturally
Anyone realizes, nature of nature
Leave the child of nature, to live.

After these poems all the Saadhus become so friendly with child. No questions didn’t arise from them and always were listened the silence communication of child when ever and where ever it radiates.  They said; if child didn’t like or shy to talk, it might have been sung songs. Child accepted their proposals. Child realized that poems are the best formula to express or share anything with anybody else in brief and it is the ancient natural system and style too. Child felt that the ‘oviyam’ was [photo&video] the perfect and clear transformation of everything.

Wishes to wisdom, creative wise
Blossoming freshness as flower;
Kisses to loves ones beings in life;
Tranquil harmony balance base.

Compassion silence guides thee; Grace prevails finally in out
Heart mind free thou illness end.

Holiest Kailash springs Trinity.
Trinity sources the Inthu base
Jains blossom a base- Trinity
Buddhists is the base of Trinity
Saiva is too originates in Trinity

All three are in ‘Inthu’ –primly
Jains link in Brahma,
Buddhists bond of Vishnu
Saivites entangles with Shiva

Trinity formulated in LINGAM,
Base structures as Brahma portion
Middle constructs as Vishnu part

Peak Blossoms as Shiva finally.
Base with middle springs energy
Both with Peak radiates grace
Base mother, middle father
Both blossom as Child in full.

  Child frames holiest TEMPLE for child [SOUL], WHY?
  Wildness scattered, boldness disappeared,
Mild approaches secretly imbalances everything,
Failed, to balance EARTH; so called Temples and Shrines.

All!! Leaders shout freedom! People suffocate!!
Ball!! Is the final product of game of power? Though
Wall!! Doubts barrier of everything? Thy
Shall!! Wall fall!! May all leaders will fall!!

Ball!! Only ENERGY presences for ever,
Ball!! Springs POWER variations every moment,
Ball!! Flashes GOALS of everything thy never end.

Ball!! Is not soccer one, where full of gambling,
Ball!! Is not cricket one, there full of bets?
Ball!! Is not tennis one, here full of business, ACTUALLY!

SUN!! Balls as LIGHT on EARTH, where the same
SUN!! Bats; with oceans, greenly things and elements
SUN!! Judges entire systems on EARTH, Oh! Wonder!!
SUN!! Ever blossoms with freshness.
While all these poems were sung by the child at Mount Kailash,
all the masters were questioning about the structure of ball.
They said “Earth is also in the form of ball”. It is the normal message which was informed through out the world up to now.


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