9. Game of chess


In Thamilhz language this game is named as ‘KULAYAM’ or KULAKAM [chess] which is discovered by Hindus and Saivites from time –immemorial. In this game God captures human or human captures God. Dancing Shiva is named as God in this game. Sixty four divine arts are blossoming through this game. Billions of variations are available and each and every game ends in different style.

It is a game played between divine kingdom and human kingdom. Divine kingdom has two Divine Palaces such as Diving King Palace as well as Divine Queen Palace.
Human Kingdom has two palaces, such as king palace as well as queen palace too. One side sixteen members are available including with their partners. Similarly other side too has same counts and same structures but different in colors.

Earth is one platform or stage and space is another stage.Later on this game is introduced by saints and sages in palaces where kings and queens are use to play and then scattered between palaces, kings and other countries finally through out the world.The very ancient Thamilz king Ravaneeswarar introduced chess game through out the world.{Child has mastered this game in his age of five. Child has mastered the game from the great soul Saththiyainthiraananthar}.You and your Vatican people interpolated the structures of the chess game- the form of cross is placed over head of the both sides of the kings. Why they have done like this?



Hindus and Saivites have discovered trinity from time immemorial as TRUTH, ENERGY and INNERSPACE.
But you, Vatican and other Christian organizations cheaply announced trinity as Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Why Vatican had stolen trinity from Hindus and Saivites and given some other names?
Why they are cheating everybody through out the world?
  Goddess worship:
Hindus and Saivites worship total ENERGY as Goddess and given the ideal format to the total ENERGY.
But the entire Christian organizations introduced the mother of Christ as SHE or goddess worship.

Can you realize the different between Origin [Hindus and Saivites] and duplicates [Christians]?
Hindus and Saivites use Thumps as their signs from time immemorial which will never changeable and for ever too.But your Christian organizations have introduced signatures systems which are always changeable or could be signed by any body else and would claim ownership for anything in the entire field.
Can you realize the weak systems in the administrative field everywhere?

  a. ‘Mantram’
It consists of letter, word, sentences, phrases and meaning which is normally framed in Sanskrit language which is very ancient language too.
Sanskrit language blossoms from six types of pillars or prime sources such as follow: -
1. Varnam.
2. Mantram.
3. Patham.
4. Kalai.
5. Bhuvanm.
6. Thaththuvam.

But you and your Christian organizations are degrading and disgracing ‘mantram’, which means under measuring the wonderful language and it’s massages. They are fooling and hurting those who chant mantras. Mantram is common for Sanskrit and Thamilhz languages and Hindus and Saivites too. Any language may blossom as in the form of matram.
  b. Yogam.
The entire Christian missionaries misunderstood and very bad way they had introduced yogam through out the entire world so far. This is one of the most important evidence that they had stolen from Hindus and Saivites and had got by the eyes of the world.
Example-‘Pathanchali yoga sutra’ It consists of administrative methods that they had introduced so far which are in manipulated forms.
  CHILD declares that the ‘Pathanchali Yoga sutra’ is not written by Pathanchali but should have been written by Christian’s missionaries or by western person.
True and ancient yogam consists of: ---

1. Hatha yogam or Ashtaanga Yogam.
2. Parianga Yogam.
3. Keshari Yogam.
4. Chandra Yogam.
5. Sariya Yogam.
6. Kriya Yogam.
7. Raaja Yogam.
8. Gnana Yogam.
9. Shiva Yogam.
  c. Thirukkural
It is not an original script from Thamilhz language. But it is another form of translation of Old Testament which is interpolated within in the hearts and heads of Thamilhz people by the Italians or the Roman Catholics. This is the very most important evidence for pollution and interpolation which were made by the Christian missionaries. Thiruvalluvar is a dream personality introduced by the so called translators.
  These missionaries had done heavy damages to the both languages as well as in Thamilhz and Sanskrit.
They had done serious disaster not only to the Religion but to the Language too.
  d. buildings.
Your missionaries had similarly constructed the model of Vatican especially in Ceylon [SHIVABHOOMI] as town halls in Colombo Jaffna and other arias. Even Jaffna public library was the same module too.
 missionaries want to convert the Hindustan and Shivabhoomi [Ceylon] as Christian countries?
  e. Paradise.
In the Old Testament paradise, mountain, Eden garden, fruit and a person [Jesus] was introduced. But your missionaries are still in search of all these not only in Ceylon but they search of their dream concepts and places in whole of Hindustan [particularly in Kashmir]. Do all the missionaries want to convert the Hindustan and Shivabhoomi [Ceylon] as Christian countries?
  In both places, unsolved problems are still going on from long time onwards. Your missionaries are the only cause for all these happenings.
  f. LINGAM [the form of OVAL].
The entire Christian missions and other groups had misinterpreted the Lingam worship of Hindus and Saivites. It was one of the most destruction done by your missionaries.
CHILD is trying to explain the actual worship of LINGAM.
1. Worship of LINGAM.
It is categorized in to six ways naturally from time immemorial by the Hindus and Saivites for worship.

a. Anda Lingam: -   The ENTIRETY or TOTALITY  is in the form of Lingam.
b. Pinda Lingam: -  The entire forms are in the form of Lingam.
c. Athma Lingam: - The Inner-space is in the form of Lingam.
d. Gnana Lingam: - Divine Master is in the form of Lingam.
e. Sarva Lingam: -  The entire non beings are in the form of Lingam.
f. Shiva Lingam: -   This is specially made out by the precious stones, gold, silver, mercury and other metals or sand.
  2. Worship of NDUKAL.
If true saints, sages, great kings and love ones pass away for a memory shrine will be formulated.
  3. Worship of KANTHU.
Powerful king fight all over the parts of the world. If he was victorious they would build huge temples for to mark victory.
Examples: -
1. Sholar temples at Tanjoorvur in south India.
2. Palavers temples at Kaanchipuram in south India.
3. Paandian temples at mathurai in south India.
  4. Ponnampalavaanessvara temple at Colombo in Ceylon.
4. Vaitheesvaran temple at Jaffna Ceylon.
These are all man made temples. But MOUNT KAILASH is the natural Lingam only worshiped by the true Hindus and Saivites. Later on various types of mounts were introduced by the other invertors [Christians] such as Ape mount, Adam’s peak and etc. Your Missions had announced that the Adam and Eve [king an queen of bible-old testament] were lived in Ceylon. It is a big joke that your heroes made so far.
  g. Marriage issue.
You and your missionaries had done the unrecoverable heavy damages to the Hindus and Saivites in the name of marriages and sex. In a very tactful way your members were penetrated in the Coe of the Hindu and Saiva families had sex with Hindu and Saiva girls and silently had left the girls. Later on you and your missionaries introduced the counseling through and by very well trained doctors.  Those innocent families and their girls didn’t know anything. In the name of reputation they marry some others. But your members’ children were carried by the innocent girls.

This practice is still going which are being continued by the so called freedom fighters that are created by your Christian missionaries not only in Shivabhoomi but also through out the world. This is happening in the Buddhists families which are introduced by your missionaries too.  Child has huge responsible to protect and safeguard not only Hindus and Saivites but Buddhists too.  Child orders that send Christ back to Bethlehem return all the types of bibles and missionaries to Vatican. Then only Asia will blossom peacefully radiates and transforms tranquility and harmony through out the world. If you are all fail to do so the DIVINE will tack hard and serious action.

  h. slavery issue.
In the name of humanitarian motive, service attitude and etc your missionaries had play the drama of havoc. This leads the people in the state of slavery.
  i. Poor’s issue
Your missionaries are always with full of money that is from Vatican and they purchase all the poor people.
Later on the people work against the Hindus and Saivites. The missionaries worked up further which is that they had entered in a family, purchase at least a family member and put the member to fight against the own family system. This is the worst disaster that your missionaries had done to Hindus and Saivites which is not only unbearable action but also the maximum suffocations produced to the families of Hindus and Saivites.

The purchased one are acting more violent than Vatican against to the Hindus and Saivites. The entire Christian missionaries made big blow between Hindus and Saivites and later on your missionaries had done the blow between Hindus and Buddhist. It means your missionaries had done the damages in the Asian countries.Did you know that the Hindus, Saivites, Buddhists and other Asian religious practices are originated from the same source –Himalayas [Kailash]? Your missionaries and your brother missions [Islam] were started religious war long ago. Can you identify the ‘so called quality’ or ‘super cultured people’ of the entire Christian missionaries?

Why Catholic fathers submit their researches only in German language?

Why they write lot of books and pamphlets in search of relationship with Hindus and Saivites after doing deadly damages to the origin of Inthu [Hindus] and Saivites?

What is the different between yours and earlier invasions?

Those were done the worst damages to the ancestors not only in our land but everywhere in world?Why Catholics and the other Christian organizations unilaterally announcing that this ‘child’ is Jesus?

Can’t you realize that this child is originated from Hindu and Saiva source of Hindustan?

Are these organizations have created militants groups and terrorists sects not only in the land but through out the world?

Weather Islam also supports all these process?

Is the Islam is the brother of Christianity?

  6. Purity: -
Why you declare that the bible is purity?
Why then they always up-to-date the bible time to time? Weather they have stolen everything from EAST of globe! PURITY NEVER CHANGES.Don’t you know this prime truth?
Is Christ is a person introduced by the ancient so called psychologists and rulers as a ‘dream personality’?
In the names of friendship education, service, health care, food-clothing- lodging, counseling, culture, developments, social and national benefits and etc are they fooling and damaging truth which blossoms in EAST.
  7. Holiness.
You organization and other missions play with words and fearing the entire population on the earth.
Holy father, holy son, holy mother, holy book, holy land holy war, holy cross and etc…. What are the meanings of all these terminologies? Are these words are used for the purpose of ‘brain washing techniques’ to the rulers and the people like communists?
  8. Titles.
Your Vatican mission and other miscellaneous sects are introduced various types titles through out the world.People and leaders are struggling and fighting for the ‘so called titles’.
Why your backgrounds are using all these types of tactics which are made imbalances in the human nature?
  9. Virgin.
Your mission had introduced  ‘Virgin Merry’ for bring forward Goddess worship. Virgin word  Is derived from Virginia which is a part of human anatomy. Why your ancient mission used this strategy for divine worship this is still going on through out the world? How are you going to rectify all these rubbish and madness! Oh! What foolishness!
  10. Vigilant
You and your mission unnecessarily awake your members and people and ask them to be in the state of
vigilant. All these people are lost their living ability which is the wealth and gift of God or nature.There are always surrounded by fear and shocks. Why these artificial orders are still going from the period of Mosses onwards?
  11. Ten commandments.
The worst irrelevant massage and bluff is; the Ten Commandments which are differ from place to place, scripts to scripts [various types of publication of bible] and priest to priest through out the world.

How are you going to sort it out all these types of mess from the time of Mosses?
How your Vatican missions are going to do their propagation work even in their own place and their own members genuinely?
  12. Sex.
The entire catholic priests many time asked the head of Vatican directly that they want to marry
or want to have sex unofficially. But the head had allowed only for the unofficial request. Do the people in the world know this orders and habits of these so called priests, the head of Vatican and their teachings?
  13. Sub-stories.
In your so-called script has full  of sub-stories which is misleading and put your
members and other followers in dreams or in sleep. These are the artificial process. How are you going bring back in to normalcy?
  14. What had propagated so far?
You, Vatican and Christian organizations should had have been spread only and only the OLIVE plant but not any script or bible.If that had done so far, the earth should had have been full olive plants which would had have been used by the entire people. But that was not happened. ‘OLIVE plant possesses full of medicinal values, which originates from Bethlehem ’. Even it is not too late to supply olive plants all over the parts of the world. So stop supply of scriptures and bibles and other rubbish works [conversions and etc].
  Due to all these, the entire people were lost the natural ways of livings. Child is not only questioning but wants to clear it out the entire obstacles on its path.  Auto biography is not a story or myth or dream or bluff or manipulation but it is the petals of fire of completeness.
  Discussions and questions were happened in front of the great soul Saththiyainthiraanathar. Suddenly the particular father questioned that ‘may I share anything with……’ Child spontaneously said that ‘It is not a question of sharing. It is a non stop war which is happening from more than thousands of thousands years. If you have any problems or want any needs you can ask’.
  Do you know the important secret that the “S.J.V.S is going to kill all youths in the whole land, for his name, fame, for Vatican mission and so on…..” These discussions were happened on the year of 1971.
After this lightening message  Saththiyainthiraananthar took the
child back to his place. After these happenings; the child left the home and the land towards to the holiest and sacred mount Kailash with the
There was a peculiar happenings occurred before leaving the home towards Mount Kailash.
  One day Child was forcibly pushed to the state of anger by the family members [for joke]. But child seriously entered in the state of anger. After couple of minutes; child hidden in his own way and style.
Family members couldn’t find the
child for the day and the night. They were searching all over the place including lakes and wells. They couldn’t find the location where child hidden. Following day morning they found the child in the  Shrine unexpectedly. Anyhow; Child had done a very special and deliberately secret ceremony to safeguard home, members of the home and the land.

The Ceremony follows: -.
There was a very
ancient symbol [TRYZOOL] at child’s place.
  Child transformed: -
1. Prahnic energy
2. Energy of Inner-Spirit.
3. Holy blood from both Palms child.
4. Implanted the Inner-Space of Child.
After this very special ceremony; the symbol as had become identically as Child and had begun to function as the greatest protector [defense] too.

After this incident child joyfully left the home towards to Kailash.
  10. In Kailash
The child had spent a very long period of time in the holiest mount Kailash.When child first time landed in the Holiest mount Kailash, Child was surrounded by  various types of people and Saadhus including Laamas.
There first question was:- Child was from which country?
Child answered spontaneously “I am form NEERVELY” Saththiyainththiraananthar said they were asking name of your country. Child was  again and again replying I am from NEERVELY which is surrounded by water in all the directions. It may named as Mt.Kailash or Shivabhoomi or Lanka or Benaaras or Mansarovar or Earth. NEER means water. VEELY means protection or Limits.
  Earth is surrounded by the Water.  The very ancient name is Shivabhoomi [Elankai] given by Thirumoolavar. But the child realized the natural name is NEERVELY. Saththiyainthiraananthar too and others were in the state of Shocks and surprises. All the saints, sages, people and experts were accepted
the true facts and messages. CHILD has produced as: -
1. True format of Language.
2. True format of Religion.
3. True format and the name of Nation. Child said TRUTH is TRUTH. But mass and other Medias say ‘This is terrible’. They were failed to face and realize these facts and TRUTH.Oh! What foolishness and ignorance. When and how all these people, Medias and other leaders are want to come out from all the types of prisons, dreams concepts, delusions and illusions which are generating endless suffocation throughout the world still up to now.

Why did you come to this spot?
Child answered---
Because: - air is polluted.
Water is polluted.
Food is polluted.
Reason: - Charmers are the cause For the entire pollution. Some more or the other ways they
want to disturb or destroy perfect balance of the nature. These are  tactics, the various types of invasions [other types of religions, even so-called freedom fighters and communists] were made.
These will destroy the originality of everything.

Their third question is about the ‘name’
Child answered….

Their fourth question is about the names of father and mother?

Saththiyainthiraananthar didn’t allow me [child] to answer it. He said to them firstly welcome the child, become friendly with child and opens yours hearts and minds to the child. Then only child will able to share at least the externals. After this message, they realized the seriousness of the child.
Firstly they had shown their medical care center. Without any fear child met all the types of sick people.
There were no doctors in the center but the ratio of the nature [the five elements] were maintained perfectly. Most the illnesses are caused by the failure of the maintenance of the ratio of natural elements in the human anatomy and as well as in the surroundings.

Child realized if anyone destroys and even imbalances the ratio of the natural elements in and out will be terrorist. Child had cured sick people who were in the state of very serious condition, with his healing hands. Most of the medical experts had realized “nature cure system” in their very later stages. But it was too late. Child mastered his healing career based on the “nature cure system of complete medicine” form the age of five to the age of twelve.

Now only the child is hearing that, in Germany; ‘in their educational system they guide the students at the age of seven towards to their natural talent of students such as medicine, technical fields and so on”. But in the very ancient period onwards in the eastern part of the globe the great seekers had these types of systems and practices.

When the child was at the Holiest Mt.Kailash may able to absorb the feed back control system not only in the medical field but also in  each and every systems too. Child was sung set of poems and firstly delivered to them [at Mt.Kailash]. Later on recently translated this poem in Thamilhz for the publication on the law-college magazine.


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