23. Flower

From the age of three; Child was naturally dedicated to perform prayers, rituals and etc to the Holy symbol [trizool] and the Holy Lingam.

There was a very special, only and only tree; which produces hundreds of fragrant flowers daily.

 All the parts of this tree possess very high quality of medical values [help the lungs, heart and the entire nervous systems to function soundly and perfectly].
The tree is a type of jasmine [Pavala-mallikai or Mara-Mallikai or Paari-Yatham or Thanka- Pushpam].
Every day early in the morning this particular flowers will appear like a “golden carpet” around the tree.
In a very rare occurrences Child meditates on this natural “flower-carpet”-- golden-carpet.
Child has seen most of the true lovers are landed on this natural golden-flower-carpet.
Child actually loves this tree and the particular flowers.
When ever child collects these flowers during sun-set; very special angels will guide and help the child to perform the divine rites to Holy Symbol and Holy Shrine.
If the child collects the flowers during sun-rise; all the types of devas will help and guide the child to perform divine rites.
Child always speaks with that tree; like as “where ever I go you must be there and has to produce flowers daily and for ever for the divine rites”.
Child offers these flowers firstly to Sun, secondly to water, thirdly to sand and land, fourthly to fire [Yagnana] and finally to the Holy Shrine.
In very rare occurrences; Child offers these flowers for itself.  Child was able to perform the divine rites; only for four years [from age three to age six] at his native place.
Some unknown source was silently made the damage to tree and it was perished. Child never cries for food or clothes or any other essentials for itself.
But lose of the particular tree made the child; put in the state of continuously crying and endless suffocations. That is why child had offered his blood and flesh to the holy symbol and holy lingam at the age of six and finally left to the holiest mount Kailash. The entire variety of jasmines flowers blossoms during sun-set; where all the types of Angels will appear around the particular atmosphere.
child is now with the particular tree and flowers; which was planted by the child. It is located closer to the shrine. Other flowers blossom during sun-rise; where all the types of Devas appear in the particular atmosphere.

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