20. Emperor and Person


Once upon a time a king lived on the earth. He was dedicated to people, nature and beings. Due to his inner-qualities; he has become as the only emperor in the world.

Other kings; from all over the parts of world; were jealous of the emperor. They got together and fought against the emperor several times. They couldn’t succeed. All their efforts were completely failed.

All the kings finally went to the emperor’s palace. They were asking apologize for their actions.

Emperor was in silence. Emperor received all the kings from all over the parts of the world gave all the comforts to them. All the kings were gone back to their nations.

All the kings were secretly met each other and were trying to make plot against the Emperor.

One day all the kings invited the Emperor to a common plat-form.
Emperor accepted the invitation

All the kings were waiting for the Emperor where the common plat-form was wonderfully arranged. Over thousands of thousands troops and forces were guarding the arranged place who were belongs to the kings. All the kings were waiting for the arrival of the Emperor. Emperor was arrived the place with single body-guard.

All the kings were surprised; because the Emperor came only with a single “person”. All kings were internally very happy and they felt their plot was going to success. Emperor seated middle of the arranged plat-form. Single “person” was seated next to the Emperor. All the kings were taking about their arranged peace-accord with Emperor.Emperor was silently listened their peace accord. He didn’t say anything.

Suddenly there was an arrow aimed towards to the Emperor. The “Person” spontaneously caught the arrow which was seriously targeted to the Emperor and the “Person” was looking the face of the Emperor for the next action.Emperor was closed his eyes and started to meditate.
Within a couple minutes the “Person” used his powers and captured all the kings and thousands of troops. .

Emperor has taken all the kings and other entire forces to his palace. Emperor didn’t punish them and even didn’t allow them to return their country because people heard about this action. People were very angry on all the kings and their forces.

Again Emperor had given all the comforts not only to the kings but the entire forces and troops too.
Forces had quickly realized the Emperor. Again all the kings were working against the Emperor at the Emperor’s palace. Forces and troops were left the entire kings.  One by one all the kings met the Emperor and were asking so many questions. Emperor didn’t speak anything. This was the way that they harassed the Emperor psychologically daily. One day all the kings were got together, met Emperor, and were
asking: -

1. “We want your palace”.

2. “We want your seat”. One king was tactfully seated on the Emperor’s seat.

Emperor left the palace peacefully and silently.

Emperor was just walking on the road. He found a huge banyan tree and he was staying there. His body guard-“the person” already was staying under the banyan tree too.

After couple of months Emperor and the “person” went back to the palace.
Nobody was there. All kings were fought each other for “supremacy” or ‘supreme’ and all were dead.

Earlier the Emperor asked all kings “give me one out of all of you. I will hand over everything”.
All the kings were unable to find or select one out of them due to their pride, prejudice, jealousy, failure of unity and etc.  Troops and forces clearly realized the Emperor and they obeyed the “silence command of the Emperor” and they went back to their nations.
They were very carefully and sincerely looking after their nations and people.

There were two question raised by the child;

Question 1.
“How does the ‘person’ [divine guard of emperor] capture all the kings [nine hundred and ninety nine] and all troops and forces [999x1000]?” Each king had thousands of members. Two types of answers were given: -

The “person” is always with very high form of RADIATION of light, vibration and sound in his full form [mainly all radiations sparked through eyes and finger-tips].
He used all the powers of radiations spontaneously. All troops and forces were in the state of
Substance. All of them were obeyed the order of person without any objection.
In present days psychologists are still having in search and research of practical process of the act of “substance”.  So called supper countries [U.S.A and Russia] used the term as: - “cold war” during the period of year1950s to 1970. This method is the perfect defense technique and system was used very ancient time by the Emperor to bring the whole world under ONE SHELTER.

All kings [nine hundred and ninety nine] were very closely seated “the dynamic radiations of the person” fainted.  They were unable bear the radiation.  Most of these high-forms of subtlest techniques presently not
yet found throughout the world. Immediately forces [nine hundred and nine] who were inside the hall; raised their arrows against the “person” and the Emperor who was in meditation. This time the “person” removed his external cover-cloth which limits full vibration and radiation of rays those originate from his inner-energy center.  Within couple of seconds sparked very subtle rays to them and they too fainted.
CHILD is perfectly realized the Emperor, “Person”, story and the actual powers on the process.

Question 2.

How to choose or select or identify an Emperor [inner qualities] in the world? Is it through birth? Is it by tradition? Is it by action? Is it from any palaces? Nethaaji told another little story.
Story is named from time-immemorial as: -


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