7. Curing.


Various types of sick people usually keep the hands and legs of the child on their heads and their painful places will get complete relieve. But the child suffers and cries whole night and following days. Parents didn’t know the situation of the child at all. Because they were so innocent and they don’t know how to protect the child from the unknown disturbances and unknown wounds which are always towards to the child. This situation is started from the age of three to the child.




But the great Soul from Himalayas the Saththiyainththiraananthar time to time be with the child and shares inner and outer problems of the entire human race. He makes the child in the well balanced state of “unshakable stability”.

After some period child’s cloth was used by somebody else and silently given to child. Child was wearing the cloth. Suddenly skin of the child was affected. This action is deliberately and purposely done. Why all these sources are still damaging, harming and disturbing the child continuously. When all these negative actions are going to stop?
Now child is recalling the words of the great soul SATHIYAINTHIRAANANTHAR; “Do not give any things which are only belonging to you. Even do not to allow anybody to touch you and your belongings”.

But others want realize and understand all these actions caused so call freedom fighters or religious heads or other fanatics?  Some more or the other ways or paths all these actions should stop.Child is left alone in the mid and mud of oceans of life or rubbish.  Other head breaking and heart blasting problem to child is:-
So call leaders of politicians, freedom fighters, religions, psychologists, other medical experts, educationist and professionalizes are trying to identify child!! It is not possible.

So called people words which may follow: -

a. They have done propagations to the society, to my school mates, to the people who loves me, my best friends, my best fans, my superb devotees, my class one students, very close relations and so on: that CHILD is a sick person and they said that CHILD doesn’t know about those his or it’s illness or their propagations; this was worst strategy that so far they were operated against CHILD. This was put the CHILD in the state of loneliness and state of alone too.
b. The most and the worst propagations had done by the selected doctors and professionals such as that CHIILD doesn’t have testicles from very long time ago.
c. Educationists and so called freedom fighters had put the CHILD in a corner and called as GOD. They were cheated themselves and CHILD. OH! WHAT FOOLISHNESS.
  1. Doctors said cancer patient [deliberately put the particular virus in to the body of child by doctors].
2. Patient of kidney fail [statement released by qualified and sound practitioners in the medical field- so    ...called doctors].

3. Wound in stomach [purposely].
4. Tumor in brain cells [ done, during the process of dental clinic]
5. Damage in mouth and teeth [purposely done during the process of in the name of treatment].
b. Child is a mad person [purposely injected by other religious head].
c. Child is a spiritualist [mentioned group of legal sects].
d. Child is a terrorist [mentioned by competitions of experts in all the types of sects and the seekers of next successor of child or power or position].
e. Child is a singer [called by musical experts].
f. Child is a dancer [mentioned by lovers of dance of Shiva].
g. Child is priest [said by well famed priests].
h. Child is monk [said by religious fanatics].
i. Child is sophisticated criminal [said by group of layers].
j. Child is Rasputin and so on [said by legal experts and Freedom-fighters].
k. Inquiry about CHILD: - [who is this?] researches are going on by various types of astrologers which were completely ended in conflicts and confrontations. Very poor and weak calculations were made by all these sects where these sects also link with those so called people.
l. Interferences were made to the CHILD by various types of sub agent of medical people named as “counselors”. [These are the people that they had done the worst damages to the top and the bottom of the society which caused all the types of wars and violences in and out. These so called counselors were tried maximum effort to destroy the CHILD.]
m. Writers and poets were planed to damage characters, habits, images, personals, secrets, discoveries, originality, creativity and personality of CHILD.[ They were operated their plans through all the types of Medias. They thought that, CHILD will run away without any places and bases. But unfortunately their each and every plan, step and idea was failed.]

CHILD survived from all these deadly points and processes. CHILD still smiling and operating the laptop computer and writing his biography [15.05.2007 GMT.7.40 am] which was initiated from the age of three, by the holiest soul Saththiyainthiraananthar.The holiest SHRINE safe guarded the CHILD from all these suffocations which were done purposely by so call experts. Even moment to moment the holiest SHRINE [formulated by the child] protects the child. All this commences and identifications are false, irrelevant and false too. All these so called people have secreted relationships for to do their business, unwontedly damaging the mass and destroying holiest persons through the world from long time onwards.
For examples: -

1. They introduce various types of food items silently mixed with bio-chemicals and put in the market. Consumers fall sick. Hospitals are full with patients. Not only medical fields but also other relative agents have their business in sound. People are suffering and loosing their finance, health, precious life and time.
2. They introduce so many types of educational systems, build so many schools; publish millions of books and other tools. Parents do not know, children do not know and mass do not know. Without knowing; the entire people are suffering psychologically from time immemorial. But the particular agents having these as bossiness.
3. From very ancient period rulers: introduced millions of epics, poems, dramas, cinemas, various types of personalities and so on and ordered to praise those as divine. Presently the same processes are still going on through out the world. Thinkers and lovers who are based on oldest [pre-historians or earlier modernists or earlier revolutionists] are calling that the earlier ones are holy. Present thinkers or present lovers [present historians or new modernists or new revolutionists] are calling the present ones are holy.
“Oh!! What ignorance? What a stupidity?
CHILD firmly and confidently declares openly that all these massages are belonging to everybody.
4. Other deadly problem is; all the electronic and other medias. These are the worst elements of those agents. They are the main cause of all the disasters. They act just like parrots. They have to stop bluffing, gossiping. They unwontedly rule, control, disturb, harm and damage the psyche of the entire people or mass. These are the main causes for the entire problems through out the world.
They don’t know when the cat caches all the parrots.

All these so called sects had produced so many reasons and excuses after doing all the type disasters. All these sects are internally and externally netted. CHILD is where to complaint all these happenings?

The word “CHILD” derived form the source of “CHI” or” SHI”.
SHI” or “CHI” refers VISION. L refers LIGHT. D refers DVINE.

Child is not an infant or a baby.
Apart from physical and psychic problems there are many types of troubles and harms are around the human race such as Religions, Languages, Philosophies, Politics,Education,Professions and etc.


Religion is the first and the most important problem that child had met at the age of three. Child always and only observes spontaneously blossoming happenings on the earth and in sky. But totally and unexpectedly there was an artificial and forcible pull and hard call surrounded the child at the age of three from ‘Nevinch’-that was the strong catholic background. Parents were surprised and they were unable to overcome that situation.

But the child had smashed and uprooted the so-called hard call and forcible pull from the Roman Catholic source naturally with smile at the age of three.  When the child was at the age of twelve met a person who was the founder of “International Conference of Thamilzh Research”.

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