21. Child and Dam

From time-immemorial; whole world is being in search of “One personality”- “One person” - ‘One’ who has to be in the state of new for ever. He belongs to the entire beings for ever.

He may be called as ‘Emperor’ or ‘Ascetic’.There was a child; who was living in this wonderful world before thousands of thousands years.

One day; the child [at the age of nine] was playing with other children in a ground. Banyan tree which is the main link to bring divine messages; located near the ground. 

Suddenly the child left ground.

Child was just observing the sunset.

After couple of minutes

Child was walking alone towards to a dam.

Dam located between huge mountains.

Child has seen there was a little hole on the lower part of the wall of the dam where water was leaking.Child has seen that the hole was enlarging little by little.Child felt if the dam broken, all the structures of nations would be washed out. Child went closer to the hole of dam and seated near the hole and was blocking the hole firstly with his hands. But child couldn’t stop leaking water.

Finally child blocked the hole of the dam; with the help of his whole-structure and seated with the hole during the period of whole night. Child was truly succeeded to block hole spontaneously.  

Other children, parents of the child, entire people of the area and others were in search of the child throughout the whole night.

All were able to find the child; following day morning.

Child was seated near the hole of the dam.

Child was actually in the state of ‘iced form’ due to the effect of the cold water of the dam.

All the experts were arrived at the spot and used perfect technology and rectify the damage of the dam and safeguarded the child.

Special notes: -

A.1.Child soundly observed sun-set and absorbed the message.
A.2.Child had forgotten his life, parents and others.
A.3.Child was totally dedicated to the actions and spontaneously was in action and done it.
A.4.Child safeguarded not only the nation but the whole world too.
5. Because the DAM and the Mountain are the actual center of the whole-world.
A.6. If center damages; the whole world will fall in disaster.
A.7.Child felt this and acted spontaneously.


Leaders were arrived from all over the parts of the world and met the Child.

They have realized the “inner qualities” of

the child may follow: -


1. Sound observations.
2. Spontaneous actions.
3. Total dedication.
4. Complete scarifications.
5. Realizing permanent link between inner-space and Outer-space.
5. Absorbing guidance's directlyonly from TRUTH-GOD.
6. Always in ACTION moment to moment.
7. Silence command to the natural elements.

Palaces, traditions and other present systems are not the deciding factors of the inner qualities.

All the leaders from all the sects throughout the world were made the CHILD as not only an EMPEROR but too an ASCETIC.


Additional note: -

Historians, seekers and others are not only in search of “person” or “one personality” but also are being in search of “Holy land” or “Eden garden” or “Land of Adam and Eve”.

There is a peculiar

DAM or BRIDGE is naturally framed and located between Bharatham and Lankapuram. The BRIDGE was earlier named as “RAM-BRIDGE” and later on was named and called as “ADAM-BRIDGE”.

This bridge is presently available and may able to see with normal eye. It is located in under the Indian Ocean. In some period of a year; the water level may be very low. During that period, anybody can walk on the bridge or cross over the bridge.

This bridge is located between in the area of: -Rameshwaram- Thanushkoodhi and ThalaiMannar.

During the period of
•“Skanthapurana”; Muruga pull out the prisoners [so called Brahmins] through this bridge.

•During the period of “Ramayana”; Ram and his battalions walked through this bridge and landed in to Lankapuram.

• During the time of Moses; he had traced out his ancestors and had pulled out          his prisoners through this bridge.

These are the main reasons; this land [Lanka] is called as: - “Slaves of Islands”. [Lanka]

It is holy land but all had made as “Slaves of Island”.This is the actual history of the land [Lanka] which had made very serious impact on the “child’s” biography.


Slavery: -

Very ancient period slavery was decided only by torturing [physically or mentally or sexually] individuals or groups and got the merits or works from them as maximum as possible.  Presently “slavery” is being going on and decided by very sophisticated methods, process and ways which may follow: -

1.         Aspects of concept-ional systems: - It may attractively and seriously feed the “total structure of mind”; but it will totally destroy ‘human-anatomy’ which is the nature’s gift. This destruction would be never recoverable. 

2.         Educational systems: - It may spend and occupy the precious life-time; but all these new and old process will deviate actual living and being made high form of complications. 

3.         Technological equips: - It may highlight and transfer actions and perceptions of happenings as it is; but interpretations or verbalizations will make everything in to upside-down.   

4.         Acts of Spirits: - It may guide to absorb energy and power through short cuts ways; but quickly will collapse, finally will fall and end in complete disaster. These actions will sup-rise and destroy the total structure of NATURE.    

5.         In the name of Culture: - It is the worst artificial introductions; which damages the entire human-structure and systems.

6.         In the name of Civilization: - It is the biggest yoke so far announced by all the leaders throughout the world.

7.         In the name of Freedom: - Domination is going on from time-immemorial in all the directions. “Free” from “Domination”; is the best action; which leads everybody; to the state of ‘Non-slavery’.

8. In the name of Social: - most of the businesses [including very ancient business such as sex and prostitution] are going on from time-immemorial.

9.         In the name of Religious practices: - Religion is being used from time-immemorial as one of the most important SHIELD.

All the types of rulers and leaders in the entire sections throughout the world are being seated under this Shield and doing all the types of actions. This   practices and shield are the worst subtlest slavery planted.

10. In the name of language and land issues  and etc: -   All the leaders, rulers and the other heads of sects are the possessor of land. They talk about socialism, capitalism and all the types of principles and philosophies.   

   They were refusing to issue at least a little plot of land to the people; from time-immemorial; throughout the world. Wheat flour is from the capitalistic country which is the only lower price food. But all the socialist leaders and socialistic thinkers [so called communists and freedom-fighters] always work against capitalistic country from long time ago.

What foolish act? Their acts are completely contradicted. How tactfully they are cheating mass.

   All these leaders, rulers and other heads of all the sects were being claimed and declared that their   Language is the only Language   for used various types of correspondences and communications. 

Land and Language issues are caused for the entire suffocative problems to the people throughout the world. These ten aspects are the serious and main causes of slavery.

* During the period of king Ashoka; the follower of Lord Buddha; the Mahindha walked through on the RAM BRIDGE with the “holy branch of Boodhe tree from Buddha Gaya”  and his seven hundred subordinates and landed in Lankapuram.

Not only; was the ancient story of RAMAYANAM written in the HOLY LAND [between Bharatham and Lankapuram] but also the


Earlier historians thought; Kashmir may be the Holy Land.But later on they had decided it must be Lankapuram with clear evidences such as: -

Lankapuram is in the form of fruit [mango or apple].

•          In the Shivapuranam; a “FRUIT” [may be mango or fruit of knowledge or fruit of wisdom or fruit of HOLY LAND] has decided the next kin or next prince or next emperor or next succeeds one between two brothers [Ganesha and Muruga].


•          From time-immemorial; in a family, in a country, in the world, in the religious sects, in a monarchy, in the political fields or in any sects; are unnecessarily and unwontedly worrying about “how to select or choose next kin or …?”

•          This question or the answer causes and produces most of the problems and wars everywhere.

•          Due to this types of; choose and selective process all the types of relationships were fragmented.        

•          There are many types of colors available in the nature. Colors, actions and moments of nature are in an Order of Supreme, in the command of Highness. Due to these arrangements; nature is in “perfect obit” and nature is not fragmentated.

•          E.g.: - Observation of banyan tree from seed to its full-form is needed.


Seed—brown color Root—white turns in to, light gold color and finally turn in to brown color. Main part of the tree—brown color.

Leaves—initially grows as gold color turns in to green and falls as yellow color. Fruits—primly blossoms as white color, turn in to green and drops as golden color.Color changes of the tree are natural happenings called and named as growth or changes.

Human-system or human race; no growth internally and externally but unwontedly produces and shows colors.Absence of observations of very high orders, at the same time simple order and beautiful order of nature; causes the fragmentation in the human race. Too many spins, twits and nets are framed artificially; which refuses the process of pragmatics of actual life and living.  


“FRUIT”-[Lankapuram…Kathirkamam] Who ever who finds the fruit or possesses the fruit; he will become as the next…..  

•  In the Old-Testament;

a “FRUIT” [fruit of sex or a fruit of a tree or fruit of merits] was mentioned which decides the next …..But here; having of fruit or sex is not permitted.But Adam and Eve had it. Old-Testament had begun; from after having the “FRUIT”.  All the types of climatically conditions are available within short distances.

Various types of fertile lands are available.
Various types of quarts-stones rocks and mountains located.
Various types of hot springs are available.
Peculiar minerals are available.
Natural elements are in well balanced ratio and so on.

Very Special Note: -

In the name freedom and civilization; All inventors were landed in Lankapuram and they had put all the types of dust and dirt in the form of so called dream scripts, conflicted philosophies, contradicted theories, fake histories, illusive doctrines and other elements [including war-elements] in the Holy-land.

CHILD has huge responsible to make to blossom the Holy- land as it is.


Child was sharing the story of the “Emperor” with his companions. They didn’t trust the story. CHILD had gone done to their level and explained the story in their frequency. CHILD said;

•          “Emperor is in the state motherhood”.
•          “Person” is in the form of a beautiful girl”.
•          Replace the position of “Emperor”, as Mother who dressed identically same as “Emperor”.
•          Replace the body guard- the “Person”, as beautiful girl who identically dressed as “Person”.
•          Now you can read the story freshly.
•          Story is now become as “Mother and Daughter”.

Any how the companions didn’t realize this story.
Child was mentioned ancient defense secrets. After that secret; all had accepted the story. Ancient defense secrets: -

To capture the external belt-cover-ring of any forces; “solid”-“sand”-“Silica” was used; where peculiar systems of radiations were operated through the top of both toes.

Special note about toe: - In the very ancient Shiva Puranam: - during the process of “THIRIPURA THAKANAM- THIRIPURA SAMKAARAM”; destruction or sublimation of three worlds in and out were occurred such as: -

Known-world [weaponry wars throughout the world may easily be spot it out]. Unknown-world [wars through so called Spirit actions which are very difficult to trace]. Under-world [ wars through Psychic techniques which are difficult to identify].

Lord Shiva used only HIS right toe and HIS smiling Lips for this process. This ‘process of action of history’ is called as: - “THIPURA RAKASHYAM”.

In this process “vibration” was in operation through ‘toe; that destroyed or transformed or sublimated each and every matter.Very high speed of “action of radiation” was in operation through smiling lips.

Very special note about Smiling lips: -[This is slightly splitting of ‘opposites’- ‘positive and negative’-‘paradox’].

If Lord Shiva opens HIS mouth and says a “word” that will be end of everything- that is complete and permanent split will occur in “paradox”- Coe of nuclear.

That destroyed or transformed or sublimated energy.To capture the middle belt-cover-ring of any forces; “liquid”-“water” was used where very special current was passed by the ten fingers [very fast movement of fingerings]. For this action; subtle form of springs were used. 

To capture the center or internal cover-belt-ring of any forces; “gases”-“air” was used where the “PRAHNA” was perfectly entangled in operation.Three types of applications were happened spontaneously and simultaneously. All these applications didn’t kill anyone but completely change or sublimate the entire forces from “enmity”.

Changes or sublimations may follow: -
Observation of inner and outer purity.
Chanting of holy names.
Observing very high orders.
Continuous maintenance of total anatomy.
Observing yoga systems.
Observing perfect meditation.
g. Observing perfect silence.Finally can talk or act for all the types of emergencies or essentials from any directions from any nations or from any beings.

In ‘Shiva Purana’; there was another peculiar story mentioned regarding “defense technical process”.

During the process of EMPEROR and “person” story Emperor was meditating. In the end of Person’s action;

How to awake Emperor from his meditative position?

Person used; ‘maaruthy’ [air] as subtle form of chariot and a special type of “flower” as mediation; to awake Emperor. When Emperor awaked; Person spontaneously was disappeared from the seen and later on appeared under the banyan tree.

Very Special Notes: -

 1.Flower transformed vibration through it’s fragrant. Historians were unable to identify the Flower.         Some historians mentioned;the flower might have brought from

         A. Heaven. [Unseen place]
         B. Holiest Mount Kailash. [known mt]
         C. Special tree.[May be Banyan-tree or Human-anatomy]

Actually child has discovered: - In the Human-anatomy;

There are various types of Flowers available in the state of   “Un-blossomed bud”    Such as: - External flowers: -

                          1. Feet. [Lotus pair, one]

                          2. Palm. [Lotus pair, two]

                          3. Eyes.

                          4. Head.

                          5. Organ [male/female].

                          6. For-head.


                          Internal flowers: -.

1. Sakasram [actual lotus]  [Inner structure of brain].

2. Inner-eyes: -

   a. inner-point of brain.           
   b. inner point between Eye-brow. [called as third eye]
   C.inner space of Heart [main lotus]

 Human anatomy was simply announced by the ancient poet as: -  “Human-anatomy is a tree with full of buds or flowers.” Most of the human structures are in the state of “bud”.If the entire buds in the human-structure blossoms completely;Fragrant will transform through maaruthy.If actual lotus [Sakasram] or main lotus [inner heart] blossoms; other flowers will blossom naturally and automatically.If other flowers blossom; actual or main flower will not blossom. 

2. “Person” is the embodiment of  ‘LOVE’.

3.“Person” has used only beautiful and fragrant flower naturally to awake the Emperor.

Light was originating at the awakened moment of Emperor. Naturally was illumining light that teleported the “Person” naturally under the banyan tree from the seen. This is comparable with the very famous sub-love story of ‘Manmathan-Rathy’ in the Holy Shiva Puranam, where Manmathan targeted a fragrant flower or flower-garland towards “Lord Shiva’s meditative posture’ to awake “Lord Shiva”.  Poor Manmathan had failed to realize that; “God Shiva” is in state of “ever awakened posture”; who carefully looks-after everything and Entirety from time-immemorial.

Manmathan and Rathy were pure lovers and the best lovers; where History and Historians never find so far. Only Rathy can see Manmathan where nobody can see Manmathan.

In this sub-love story there is a very special massage is delivered from the:  - “Holy Shiva –Puranam” such as: -

“Mater [Manmathan] becomes unseen and Energy [Rathy] becomes visible to every body”.

2. “Love is visible and Sex is not visible”.

3. “Result or Answer or next … is visible and ‘Process’ is not being able to see”.

1.         ‘Manmathan and Rathy’ story was later on compared with Adam & Eve Story and Ganesha & Muruga story [War stories].

2.         Earlier story; “flower” is the deciding and the turning element of climax of the story;  [Story of love, life and living-story].

3.         Later the two stories; “fruit” is the deciding and turning element for the continuations.

4.         In the “Holy Shrines” : -    Leaf, Flower and Fruit meet together is a very rare occurrences.

5.         Leaves are the eyes of a tree; where tree absorbs energy directly from SUN.

6.         In the human-anatomy [tree]; there are millions of leaves available in the form of “Hair Point” through out the skin; where most of the energy absorbs through it. It is a very rare occurrence that may happen.

So far; “process of absorptions of energy through Hair Point” is not found in the history of human-race through out the world.

10. Leaf is the first external outcome of a tree. Flower is the second outcome; sign of the next…  Fruit is the final outcome-merit and result of continuation of Tree. It is the system and structure of nature’s gift. Here is no offensive and artificial processes occur.

11. Leaf and Flower are available in the human –race. But to see or get fruit [merit and continuation]; there are many offensive and complicated processes are going on in the structures and systems of Human-race; through out the world.


    It is a serious question raised by child for long time ago to his guiders and guidance.


Special notes: -

1. Not only had the ancient kings, present leaders  of all the sects throughout the world were failed to realize and observe: -


   b. LOVE.


   d. MEDITATION. They didn’t have Creativity and Originality.

2. But also they want: -

   a. POWER

   b. PALACE


  d. Roses of beds.

Given keys, message [only “three words written” on a leaf], little story [teacher, person and children] stories of cats and rats, stone and leaf, emperor; were brought dynamic sublimations to the auto-biographer [child].  

•          Given keys -TEN KEYS; blossom through from the top of ten fingers. These keys will be operated may be with the process of ONE touch or may be ONE BY ONE. These keys will be operated by without touch.

•          Given key - ONE KEY; blossoms from the inner-energy center; spontaneously will open the entire DOORS of a system, to the given-data [human anatomy].

•          Three words: - 

1.         THATH: - Truth - God

2.         THUVAM: - Energy or Mediation

3.         ACHI: - Inner-space [Aathma]

Actually “one word”- [Th, Im, A] made out three letters which is blossoming as three words transformed in to ‘one sentence’. Very later period; historians called and named “One Word” as: -

a.         “TRINITY” By Westerns and Esterns too.

b.         “Given to the name to the FIRST VETHAM”—“SAMAVETHAM” by Asian Pundits.

c. “One Word” is simply called and practically observed as: -  “Father, Mother, Child” [Th   IM   A]   By true Nature Lovers.

Special notes: -

Message from the bible; “word” originates everything.

In the day to day living patterns; we can hear “word” is in the sayings of: -

1.  “Please give me a word”.

2.  “Can you give a word?”

3. “Keep up your word”.

4. “Word of secrecy”.

5.  “Promise”.

6.  “Vow”.

7.  “Love”

8.  “Compassion”.

9.  “Grace”.

10. “Engagement”.

11. “Yes! Everything is in word”.

12. “Power of Word”  and so on. 

During the period of “age of seven to the age of twelve” [six years];  

What the Child has done?

Where the Child dwelled?

Whether child has parents or any other relations?    

All were questioning the Child and others; like intelligent units [what they are collecting; where they are passing all their collections of informations to whom and for what purpose?].

 Other than the Child; nobody knows the correct answer.Child was successfully completed; during the period of six years [from the age of seven to the age of twelve] in the holiest mount with the great Saththiyainthiraananthar.

This period of six years is the “golden time” of child where child experienced the actualities such as: -

1.         Freedom.

2.         Independent.

3.         The best comforts of in and out.

4.         Free from everything.



Days blossom, Nights blossom Child is as it is; Blossoms and fragrants.Child is back with Light Ball [un-seeable and unexplainable]; to his village after “golden time” from the Holiest Mount; at the age of twelve year.

Child was unexpectedly met Pundit VijayaLuxmmy at the time of departure from the Holiest-mount at this period.

From the age of twelve onwards child was seriously marked and tactfully surrounded by: -

1. Known-world.

2. Unknown-world [Spirit cult and magicians].

3. Under-world and Over world.

4.         Heads of freedom fighters.

5.         Heads of medical units.

6.         Religious heads.

7.         Philosophers.

8.         Psychologists.

9.         Political heads and diplomats around the world

10.       Group of gamblers and etc.  

The word of great Saththiyainthiraananthar; Child was firmly back and well balanced to face for the next six to nine years [from the age of twelve; to the age of eighteen or the age of twenty one] with the only and only protection of the unseen Light Ball.  From this time onwards all the problems of “suffocations” were put on forcibly, artificially and automatically on Child.

Child was very hardly overcome that period. During this period;

Most of the so called “rights” were completely interrupted, damaged and destroyed by “top class intelligent” from all the directions to the child; such as: - 

So called educational systems.
So called medical and health systems.
So called defense process.

1.         So called food systems and etc.

Education is the food to the head.
Food is belonging to the entire form.

Reasons: -

Child belongs to Hindu Orthodox tradition.

Child belongs to Saiva Orthodox family.

Child belongs to the chains of “Holiest Mount Kailash-Himalayas”  They [top class intelligent] want to uproot the entire roots of the origin of child. Child is the source of Origin.Child will highlight and flash everything.Child perfectly and clearly knew the actual secrecy of human-race

Favorite food of child is Gingili-Oil from its child-hood onwards.Everybody knows this secret.

How many times; they [“so called intelligent units”] entered inside the form of Child; while mixing acid in to the gingili-oil to damage the eyes.

Very hardly has overcome these suffocations by the Child itself.

They introduced so many educational systems to damage and destroy the head of the Child.

Child had successfully overcome these severe disasters. At the age of eighteen; the great Saththiyainththiraananthar came and silently shared almost everything [known and unknown] with child.

He mentioned two names to the child.
1. Mount Saadhu [Kiriya Babaji]

He lives first six months in the holiest mount Kailash; where the Holiest Ganga River springs.Second six months he lives in the mount of Vindhayam; where river SathPuththiraMahadeva –Narmatha springs.

He travels allover the parts of world any moment; whenever and wherever any type of urgency is called, needed and presented.He is ever been at the age of eighteen; living for ever been in the entire universes.

2. Mahaaperiyavar of Shaanchi
He was attained mahasamadhi at the age of one hundred and seven years in the year of 2003.

Child is the lover of Dr. Albert Einstein- German scientist and Burden Russell-the British royalist; from its age of five onwards.

After sharing of everything; child didn’t see the great Saththiyainthiraananthar; who was at the age of ninety while child was at eighteen; up to now.   

Child is normally won’t talk with anybody from its childhood onwards and always maintain silence.At the age of twelve; Child was unexpectedly attacked by knife by strangers for: -

1. during the process of clearing the obstacles of the problems of Land issue.

2.         During process of safeguarding family members; from external Forces and etc. Still the knife mark is visible on the left chess of the child.

Just after arrival [at the age of twelve] from the Holiest mount; Child had failed to observe the “very special ceremony” to the ‘ancient symbol-Trizool’; which was clearly observed [at the age of six] by the child before leaving to the holiest mount.

Due to this ignorance; holy blood dropped to the sand and land from the left part of the chess of the child.Just after this incidence; child performed the holy ceremony to the “ancient symbol-Trizool” sacredly and secretly too. During the same period [age of six] of time;

Child was calibrating some festival. Unexpectedly one powerful cracker fallen to on the right palm of the Child. Second finger of the right was seriously wounded from some direction.

This time Holy blood and flesh of the Child; was spread on the land sand.       

Still the wound is visible in the second finger of right palm.

Very later period;

So called intelligent and diplomats not only from the native land but too from all over the parts of world;

They observed the wound their of inquiries and investigations and decided that wound must be from

1. During the process of training from the so called freedom fighters or armed forced training.
2. During the process of others source of trainings.

All these sources were punished and tortured the Child from longer period of time onwards [from the age of its childhood onwards]. They had done these to the Child up to the maximum; which made the very serious wounds and damages. These are unseen-able, UN-speak able, un-writable and unrecoverable too.Nobody can escape!! Child won’t punish. “ONENESS” will observe. Oh!! What a stupidity and foolishness.

Oh! My Lord of Lords!! See the very weak points and the worst loops in the all these so called sects.Child is the only and only “intelligent source” of its complete projects and plans for ever.No person, no groups, no sects and no sources can claim for Child and any of ITS acts; not only pasts, presents and but too futures, process, moments and creativities.    

Child loves to perform Divine rites from its childhood onwards.One day child was performing Aaraaithi to the SUN with fire-flame [Camphor].Suddenly fire-flame fall on the first finger of the right palm and that was burning [it was happened at the age of nine]. Still the burn wound mark is visible on the first finger of the right-palm.

Camphor was discovered by Japanese for defense purpose-military use [explosive process]. But they [so called leaders] introduced camphor in to all the religious sects, temples, monasteries and into shrines.    
What an ignorant and shame too?
Middle born of the fifth finger of the right palm; was shifted or dislocated at the age of six by announce force. Still the swilling is clearly visible on the right palm of child.

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