24. Bird

Child has seen a very special BIRD which makes sound “IMMM….”; which is always located in the in the cave of the “Holiest Mount Kailash”.
When it flies; It will make “IMMM…” sound.
There was a rare video clip; that was very carefully watched by the Child, containing three minutes duration;
Which shows the particular Bird or Birds leaves from the peak of the cave of the holiest mount Kailash makes the sound of “IMM…” for the first thirty seconds. Balance period of time [two and a half minutes] there was no sound; but video-editors included the flute sound with “AUM NA MA SHI VA YA”. This video clip, some time may be available at “Dhordharsan”; the official Television station of Bharatham-Hindustan.The Bird is combined with silver and gold colors.
Its eyes are violet in colors.
Its wings and both legs are pure white color.
Its palms of legs are reddish color.
Its height is eighteen inches.
Its each wing is eighteen inches too.

Child has seen this Bird firstly at the age of twelve at native place and it came closer to Child and humming the sound “IMMM…” Second time Child has seen the BIRD in the year of 1999 Dec. 19th early morning 1.30 a.m. until [sun rise] 5.30 a.m. The Bird was almost stayed more than four hours with the Child. Child was just silently thinking; “how are you making the Imm…sound?”  Bird spontaneously responded the silent request of the Child.  Many times the Bird had shown the sound “Imm…” originates from its structure.
Bird slowly blows its both wings.
Little by little it increases blowing speed of its wings in standing
Imm…” sounds at this stage little.
Slowly it opens its mouth; sound of “Imm…” volume increases little by little.”

Child was carefully watched this process of the Bird’s action.
Actually the “Imm…” originates from the space reflected through its both wings; finally the sound radiates externally.

At the time; Child was in the state of very high turning point [to be in the world or leave the world].

The BIRD came closer to the
Child and didn’t make any sound but water was pouring from its eyes.
It was touching the
Child by its wings, legs and mouth; and trying to awake the Child from its state and safeguard the Child from the death point.
Similarly three Birds were watching this Bird’s actions. The Bird dances wonderfully and exposes its various types of appearances and inner qualities. Main secret of rhythms of divine dance of the Bird is; that its both steps are always move very closer position. It never stretches its both legs wider position.When the Bird; swims, flies and balances in the air it always  will keep both legs together. When the Bird walks; its steps are always placed strait line and inwardly too. Another main secret of this Bird is that; it is a very strict fruitarian. Child mastered “Bharatham” [Dance based in India], “Bale” [Dance based in Russia] and “Kathack” [Dance recently developed in India].All these are artificially framed and functioning as athletics and military exercise; where actuality is missing.
“Dance of SHIVA” represents “Cosmic Dance” which is the most subtle Dance---the “Dance of totality”, is very difficult to explain or very hard to frame in words forms and etc.  But this Bird’s natural actions are marvelous. Bird’s natural actions blossom as dance and its dances are so pure.
It is very difficult to say its name.
Ancient sage says;
a. “
Bird of silence”.
Bird with signs”.
c. “
Bird with full of action”.
d. “
Bird of Love and compassion”.
e. “
Bird of Hymns”.
f. “
Bird with full of Divine qualities”.
g. “Bird of Beauty”.
Note: - It is not Nightingale. It is not Phoenix.

Very Specialty of the Bird is: -
1. Where ever and when ever the
Bird flies or bees; it will carry or create the similar atmosphere of the Holiest Mount.
2. It is always maintains its originality and creativity.
3. Its high quality is that ever maintaining “Virginity
4. which always keeps the Bird in the state of: -

Ever in action,
Long-life and

Intuitional-visions and functions.

It is a very serious issue made so far by the historians all over the parts of the world. Especially
Islam is based on this issue. Oh!! What a shame!!!! Female and male-Human anatomy decide  Religions and there process. Oh!! My Supreme Lord!!! Where humanity stands? 
The entire religious sects and their heads silently; secretly and seriously practicing this issue; from time immemorial onwards. In this issue; which is not only affected the entire females but most of the men also internally and externally affected.
Most of the
cultures, traditions, civilizations and etc were decided by this issue in the history so far by:
1. Palaces.
2. Monarchies.
3. All the types of leaders and heads.
4. Educationists.
5. Psychologists.
6. Other experts.
7. Especially by the so called “Freedom- Fighters. [Through out the entire world].

In a family; the “damages” of particular issue, made by great grandfather or grandfather, father or other close relations. In schools, all these damages are being done by principals, teachers and masters.In other sects; so called leaders or heads are being done the damages.According to the very latest up-to-dated statistics; which are very carefully observed by the
CHILD; causes the entire violent and wars including cold-war and psychic war everywhere? Innocents [MASS] who don’t know about their anatomy internally and externally were cheated by all these sects and heads and they [so called class] claim themselves as heroes, salvators, Incarnates and saviors.

In ancient days to avoid all these suffocations; When a boy or girl comes to attend the age; he or she will engaged in the marriage life within couple of months.
That is why; in Hindustan [India] is being practiced the “Childhood-marriage” to avoid all the family wars, country war and other wars. Because of this issue; gay, lesbian and prostitutions are being scattered all over the parts of the world. Child is so far thought that the poverty is the cause for prostitutions.But actually all these are being practiced by educationist, power holders, leaders, heads and other sects in the name of service, socialism, humanitarian aid and etc all over the parts of the world.

Oh!! My Divine Lord!!!
Child was seriously cornered, affected, cheated and blasted by all the types of heads, leaders, their followers and etc by this issue.
How? Are “You Majesty-- Almighty” going to sort it out this “serious issue”. Ancient Sage-the Poet says;
Human-form is the natural Temple; where Divine blossoms within.

Human-race has failed to maintain this quality [virginity] which led the entire human race in to suspicion, war, violence and etc; these are still in operation in the name of freedom, politics, education, service, social, culture, tradition, religion, sports, media, other business sects and etc. Due to these activities; the totally innocent
Child was actually and seriously wounded, disturbed continuously and in endless suffocations.

Divine Lord!! Watch these actions.

Make actual and true decision to take serious action against all these disorders and negativities; must safeguard the genuine.
Actual romance” – the “actual nature” had not only entangled with the Child; but truly safeguarded the Child so far and will guard for ever.In the name of love, friendship, relationship and etc; they tortured the Child by thoughts, words and deeds and had put the Child in to endless Suffocations.

Third Romance The Great Person CHILD has seen or was the first vision; the great person Saththiyainthiraananthar [at the time of birth he was at seventy five] at the moment of its [child] birth.
Child is the best servant who wholeheartedly served the  Greatest person; from its age of six to age of twelve at Kailash. The greatest person; left a boy who is identically almost like child at child’s native place and took the child to Kailash.
Nobody knows about this dynamic and everlasting secret so far. Every body was asking the child, “how the child went to Kailash and lived in Kailash for six years; While Child was at his native places; how child can was at Kailash?” Nobody knows the divine secrets; all had failed to realize the actual happenings. So called intelligent sects and others such as ----------the
a. Relations.
b. Friends.
c. Surroundings
d. Etc.
are not only saying but deciding that the child; may be one from twins or one out of three. They are not yet find the correct answer.
Is the
Child thief?
Is the
Child fraud?
Is the
Child fake?
Is the
Child priest?
Is the
Child monk?
Is the
Child Saadhu?
And so on. If it is not those categories;
Then The: --------
Child is always with Divine atmosphere.
Oh!! My Divine Supreme!!!!
Why YOU allow all these negative forces [prostitutes, bitches, homosexuals, liars, cheaters and etc] are around the
What is the purpose?

What child had done against to YOU?
Child was at divinely romance at its age of six with the greatest person.
YOU had taken the greatest person at age of
Child’s eighteen.
What and what else that you are going to away from the


In the “Divine-Court”
Child frankly says everything. When Child begins to breath; all are presented where Child’s breathing process is blocked due to the rush and the atmosphere is in imbalance.
When Child starts anything; all those are presented at the site and to make endless obstacles to child and its actions and its paths.
Child wishes to share a story [which not an actual romance]; heard very long time ago.

There was a couple living. Husband uses to tell about his wife to everybody; that she is very talented and very smart in sexual joys. He was saying that anybody can experience her. Wife similarly uses to say the same way to everybody about her husband.

In that way, style, manner and path both; [husband and wife] were collected hundreds of well known figures as well as visa versa as of their members, friends and relations in the nation.
They were collected top, middle and bottom of the structures of the nation, society and people.
Later on they were begun to control each and every structure and systems of the country, society and people.
They were got the full power.
They declared themselves as king and queen and freedom fighters of the country and they named them leaders too.

This is not only an earlier story.
These are the present happenings too.
1. Is this is
2. Is this is
3. Is this is
4. Is this is
5. Is this is
6. Is this is based on
7. Are the entire educational systems based for these
8. Are the entire schools, colleges and universities are made for and constructed for all these activities and
9. Is this way most of countries are named as democratic and
10. Are these structures, frames and systems are called as international laws and that caused for the
11. Is this is called as revolution and freedom?
12. Is this is the “history” and background of countries, leaders, and heads, so called freedom fighters and so on?

OH!! What a shame!! and stupidity!!!
My Divine Lord. It is the worst barbaric actions, habits, behaviors and etc of the human-race; that the Child had came across so far on its paths; YOUR DIVINE MAJESTRY.
Due to this process actual atmosphere is polluted. That is why the Child is unable to breath and unable to start anything of its essentials.

What is the solution?
How YOU DIVINE Majesty; are going to safeguard and look after the innocent
Child from internal and external endless suffocations?

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