11. Structure Of Earth

  Disproval follows:-
Earth’s North- South distance may be 21,000miles.
Earth’s East- West distance may be the same.
Earth’s highest point [Mt.Everest] may be at six miles.
Earth’s radius may be four miles. The measures of highest point and radius of the Earth may be ignorable when we compare with the distances of the north -south and east- west. Or both measurements may be named as thickness [highest + lowest] and it may approximately equal to nine or ten miles.
Earth is not in the form of ball. Shape must be in the form of a coin.
North-south = 21,000 miles [may vary]
East –west = 21,000 miles [may vary]
Thickness = 10 miles.




  In the sky or space or OUTER SPACE Earth is the only form is in the position of “state of very high peak of stability”.
If anything is in the MATTER FORM it will never be in the state of
mobility. If anything can be in the state of mobile, it should become to the form of “LIGHT OR OTHER SUBTLEST WAYS” – Light ball or ways of source.

Other forms such as aircrafts and other flights which are man made gargets will act only a temporary action in very limited areas.

All the experts [mathematicians, geographies, scientist, technologist, saints, sages and other discoverers] had failed to produce the actual structure of the earth up to now.


Most of the present educational systems are in a very high form of theories and those too are also only feeding to the head. Below the head nothing given and those parts are just functioning like dead. All the students are in the state of the worst conditions in and out. There is nothing in practice and in all those systems, which are having failures of truth.

Every student must complete all the types of his or her studies including professional educations before eighteen years. They must come out with profession, title and job just after completion of their age of eighteen years. Then only they will become totally free to face their life as well as world too. From the age of eighteen to, up to the age of sixty or up to eighty or up to hundred years they can soundly enjoy their life as they want.
Each and every person has more than seventy years of periods freely available to enjoy his or her life simply, soundly and perfectly without any pains and without harming anything.


This is the best way to give total and perfect freedom not only to the head or brain cells of a student but every person too.

State must take very serious action about all the types of educational systems and there structural and practical process of educations without any excuse, arguments and delay. Present educational structures and systems should have to be revolute from “A” to “Z”.

If a student wants to become as in a “particular field”, the student must be guided on the particular field from the age of five or three. Identification of the field of the student will be decided from various types of sources.
The sources may follow: -
1. Parents of the student.
2. Traditional talents of the family tree or background.
3. Student’s atmosphere.
4. Student’s natural talents and abilities.
5. Student’s natural behaviors, habits and characters.
6. Student’s health of inner and outer structures.
7. Teacher’s observation on student’s talent.
8. A genuine priest’s observation on the student where student dwells.
9. A genuine master or principal observation on student.


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