6. A Drama.


Child had performed a drama in the open school stadium where the child left alone middle of the entire students, teachers and the population of the village at its village school. Duration of drama was one hour [5pm to 6pm]. Light was almost out of the sky. Brief of the drama was “a child is in search of its ‘true father’ and its ‘true mother’ with light, bell, flowers, fragrant smoke holy ash, water with chantings and hymns”. Child dressed with white cloth, was carrying ancient script which was in compressed form on its waist and was moving with naked legs in the open stadium ground. Loneliness leads to the state of ‘aloneness’ or complete ‘independent’.


This state had started at the age of three to the child.It was the very most important action drama which had done the total transformation or sublimation or revolution in its future living pattern.

Saththiyainthiraananthar hared of this happening and he had spontaneously arrived from Himalayas and was condemning the school principal [Srinevasa Iyer], teachers and other organizers of the drama. Nobody realizes the value of the child other than Him.Reaction of the drama, was that the whole village was awakened.But the child had entered in the ‘unknown ground’ and as well as ‘unknown field’ too.
After this happening child was framed with very high form of Aura. “Formation of Aura is the spontaneous action of the supernatural system”.

Saththiyainthiraananthar told to the child ‘any beings or any body will never heard you or attack you or target to you. If anyone does to you it will immediately go back to them and even the particular thought will turn where towards to its origin and vanish within themselves’.  This message is still humming and vibrating within the inner ears of the child.


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