8. Discussions.


He was a Catholic Priest named as Fr.Thaninayagam Adikalar. Child seriously questioned and had sincere discussions with him.





1. Are the conferences based on written documents? Yes.
2.  Are the researches depended on collection of data’s? Yes.
3. How far the documents and data’s are possessing truth? Don’t know.
4. What is the life letter or word or sound in Thamilzh? No answer given. Child said that will be only “IMM”.
5. How many prime vowels are presented in Thamilzh so far? Twelve. Is it correct? Don’t know. Child said only five, excluding ‘imm’ and
6. How many sounds formations or packages [letters] are available to register various types of sounds in Thamilzh or in any Languages? Don’t know.
  b. Child is a mad person [purposely injected by other religious head].
  c. Child is a spiritualist [mentioned group of legal sects].
  d. Child is a terrorist [mentioned by competitions of experts in all the types of sects and the seekers of successor of child or power or position].
  e. Child is a singer [called by musical experts].
  f. Child is a dancer [mentioned by lovers of dance of Shiva].
  g. Child is priest [said by well famed priests].
  h. Child is monk [said by religious fanatics].
  i. Child is sophisticated criminal [said by group of layers].
  j. Child is Rasputin and so on [said by legal experts and Freedom-fighters].
  k. Inquiry about CHILD: - [who is this?] researches are going on by various types of astrologers which were ...completely ended in conflicts and confrontations. Very poor and weak calculations were made by all ...these sects where these sects also link with those so called people.
  l. Interferences were made to the CHILD by various types of sub agent of medical people named as ...“counselors”. [These are the people that they had done the worst damages to the top and the bottom of ...the society which caused all the types of wars and violences in and out. These so called counselors ...were tried maximum effort to destroy the CHILD.]
  m. Writers and poets were planed to damage characters, habits, images, personals, secrets, discoveries, ...originality, creativity and personality of CHILD.[ They were operated their plans through all the types of ...Medias. They thought that, CHILD will run away without any places and bases. But unfortunately their ...each and every plan, step and idea was failed.]
7. Why you are always saying in your speech ‘god has given
life to me for to do service to Thamilzh’ that as your own  sayings? Maintained silence.
8. Are you the owner of that  Sayings? Maintained silence with angry.
9.  Is the founder of  “International Conference of
Thamilzh Research” had stolen the sayings from the prime EXPOSITIONS which
are the roots of Hindu and Saiva TRUTHS and which
are based in Himalayas -- Inthusthan is the perfect pronunciation of Hindustan [Bhaaratham]? He had got up from his seat.
10.  Can you or anybody separate or divide the religion and language through any types of tactics or plots or diplomatic ways? He sat down again.
1. Originality: - Is Christianity possesses originality? Why did they steal everything from Hindus and Saivites? [Trinity, various types of symbols, signs, Goddess worship, games and etc—examples for symbols: 1.You burnt young coconut leaves and named as holy ash which is black in color. But Hindus and Saivites prepare holy ash from herbs and cow dam which is white in color.
2. Jepam. Hindus and Saivites use the garland for the ‘jepam’ {chanting} which is made out crystal and herbs seeds {ruraksha}. But your mission prepare from something else].
3. Trizool is the symbol of trinity of Hindus and Saivites. But your tradition have made little changes in the structure of Trizool and named as cross.

4. Clothing. Hindus and Saivites wear only one cloth as it is which covers the whole body from very ancient period onwards. But your fathers stitch one cloth and they dress it.
5. Word and Stick. Hindus and Saivites carry holy word written in wood or stone or metal which always announces permanency and carry a strait stick which is made out silver. But your fathers carry curved stick and a script which is always in changes.



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