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P1. Foreword
Sun rises, Sun sets;
Day blossoms, Night blossoms
Time formulates in this pattern.

Space has variations,
Light has deviations,
Air’s varieties are infinity,
Water has differences,
Sand kinds are many.

Many types of roses,
Many types of jasmines,
Many types of coconuts,
Mangoes and so on.

Every kind of beings; have
millions of differences. In
the nature, systems are
casted and categorized in
this manner.
Human-race has hundreds
of hundreds differences.
These observations are based
on qualities of very high
Orders. There are named as
caste systems or called as
class systems.

When these were sharply
observed, the history of
human-race should have
been initiated one by one.
This was processed by the

Trillions of trillions days had
perished away. Nights have
perished too in similar manner.
Days and nights have yet to
come thou uncountable.
Spark of the SUN or spark of
the FIRE may and wish to
recall the happenings of days
and nights.


2. Introduction

Child itself opens its history with extraordinary helps and marvelous guidance’s from all the directions, which are carefully listened, observed and framed.

“This child is not only the child of it’s parents but the son of the land, nation, globe and  aborigine of human-race on the Earth”. Graciously was announced by the great Saththiyainthiraananthar  kept a peculiar grass at the feet of the child. He was carrying the child,
Chanting the stanza of  “Brahmma ghayatri” closer to the ears of the child, applying  sandal wood oil on the head of the child, chanting of  “ IMMM…” and wearied the holly thread to the naked child in a very special method. He said “nobody can claim or initiate to this child in future. If anyone does so; it will produce imbalances to the child, nature and to the globe too”.

Holy thread, holly oil and holly grass, which were brought from the holiest Mount Kailash by
him. He has done other rituals to the
child. [Offering of fragrant flowers,  fragrant smoke and illumining lamp which was made out of the
combination of nine types of oil].  He left to Himalayas
immediately saying ‘I will come back when
child reaches the time unit of three’. Child is still having holly thread and grass with it.  Saththiyainthiraananthar was presented at the moment of blossoming of this flower, companioned with
Saththiyajoothiammaa. During the moment of
blossoming of the child
  3. Nature, Astronomical and Astrological Position
 Sky was very clear and  reflecting its color totally in view.
Oceans were very calm and cool.
   Earth was in a very high state of vibration.
Magnetic line of earth, center of cosmic graph of the globe and north pole-south pole ray; these three were become as one but short of seven degree.
Sun was in the west of the globe short to reach to the center, of twelve breathing occurrences [five unit =one occurrence] or nine hundred and thirty six  heart’s-beat durations.

Sun was in the west of the globe short to reach to the center, of twelve breathing occurrences  [five unit =one occurrence] or nine hundred and thirty six  heart’s-beat durations.
Rivers were flowing in  Complete paths.
  Fruits were full in the gardens.
  Paddy fields were ready for the harvest.
  Vegetable gardens were in fruitful state.
Cows and goats were pouring
milk with their cattle’s.
Nature was with sound conditions.
Very rare birds color in violet with long beautiful tail was arrived near the shrine where the child was born.
Father was on the peak of bliss.
Mother didn’t cry that moment.
Child didn’t cry too.
Child always was in smile.
What ever happens in and out to the child, smiling happenings are still undergoing.
Father is the only son and child to his parents.
Mother is the only daughter and child survived to her parents.Eight children was born before and eight were disappeared with Divine. Mother had one younger brother and a younger sister.
Star Venus was shining twelve
degree in the west from the earth.Both Venus and Jupiter appearances were in total and there light beams and rays were wonderfully embraces the earth.
Trillions of trillions stars were twinkling.
Holiest mount kailash was  shining gold color in north, blue color in south, crystal color in  east and green color in west.
Holiest lake mansarouwar was reflecting the sky as it was.
Various types of roses, jasmines and other flowers were bloomed.
Air was blowing in a rethymical manner.
Birds were humming and Singing there own styles. They Were coming out with their  Whole family.
Lakes, ponds and wells were in full.
That shrine was not made out with any artificial matters. But  only was made out with herbal  elements.
Artificial measurements [time and weight] become standstill and refused to function at the moment of birth.
Name of medical doctor only And only Saththiyainthiraananthar [spiritual, physical, psychologicaln and ‘siththa doctor’].
Sththiyajoothiamma was the Only assistance to the doctor.
Mother was the age of eighteen units with twelve stars while was bestowing the child in the nature.
Father was the age of twenty-seven units with ten stars.
The entirety was experiencing full freedom at that moment.



4. Great person- A Sage.


These were observed by the Saththiyainthiraanahar. He is always in chanchchara [observes thapas] in the holiest ‘Kailash’ mount and the purist ‘Manassarouwar’ lake in Himalayas at Bharatham or it is called as Hindustan. Saththiyayoothiammaa was Screaming, “How is this child going to bear all the suffocations from the entire directions where the days and nights are yet to blossom infinitely”? Moment of blossoming of the child,Mother’s side; Grandfather and grandmother  were highly worried that they were going to loose the child. They were performing ‘Shiva Pooya’.

They were based on ‘Kaashmeer Hindus’ [veera Saivites special]. Father’s side;
Grandfather and grandmother were performing fire worship “Agni koththira” at Benaras [Varanaashi or Kaashi] in Bhartham. They were totally based on ‘smaarththa special’.

Grandfather clearly announced ‘this child will solve the problems of the human illnesses, solve the non stop suffocative problems in in the nation and in the globe completely’.

Special marks on the child: -
Hair—brown black & not strings
Nail—pink in colors
Skin—very light maroon color
Eyes—brown black with wisdom
Ears—listening especially inner sounds and functions as eyes too with the structure of well balanced drums
Nose—prahnic structure
Mouth—pink color & always smiling lips, speaks with silence and  transformations happen  through signs
Forehead—enlightening with Third eye
Face—oval shape
Hands—healing with philosophy and dharmmam and its Structure is oval
Legs—four points landing on Earth where centers of legs don’t touch the  Earth mainly called as “curing legs”
Total format—absorbing and radiating vibration with flexibility and not only nature proof but divine proof too.


There was a wonderful song sang for the child by the holy madam was a peculiar happening, Saththiyayoothiamma: -

OVAL structure indicates FORM.

“Aum! Maathee, mahaathma
Namasthe namasthe;
Aum! Maathaa, mahaathma
Apayam apayam;
Aum! Maathee maathaa,
Saranam saranam;
Aum! Thaayea maathaa,
Mahaathmaa chanchcharam
Niththiyam niththiyam,
Mahaathmaa jeevitham
Saththiyam saththiyam,
Aathmikam lokitham
Saathvikam saantham Shivam,
Shivajoothy Dharsanam
Niyam Nirantharam.


The other happenings occur: -


Not only at Mother’s womb but even at the moment of blossom on the earth and even now, CHILD is surrounded by enmity, jealousy, anger, misunderstandings, wars and violence.

Reasons are unknown.




5. Snake attacks


On Wednesday 12 th April 2006 mid night at 1.10 [1.10am], while CHILD was in deep sleep a male cobra snake white in color; purposely was put inside the sleeping room. The snake attacked the Child twice in the right and left hands while was in deep sleep. CHILD is hardly survived.
Child had done the very special ceremony for to recover the snake-bite, at the Holy Shrine; where “Shiva-Lingam” Illumines as the embodiment of LIGHT.

1 Poured the Holy Blood; to the Shiva-Lingam from both hands of Child.
2 “Paathaala-Ganga water” was around the Holy-Shiva lingam where the Child was seated inside the “Paathaala Ganga water”; meditating just after snake bite from 1.10 am to 5.30am.
3 pirit, Soul, Life, Prahna, Mind and Body of Child were together with SHIVA-LINGAM in the Holy Shrine almost from 1.10am to 5.30am. SHVA-LINGAM was turned in to blue color.
4 Just after twenty four hours[following day-early morning]; again the same situation was surrounded the Child: -
a. Child was fainted.
b. Both palms of Child became blue colors.
c. The whole body Child turned down in to ice-format.
5 Again Child had done the special rituals: -
a. Implant the innermost structure of the Child; with the Holy- Lingam.
b. Again poured the Holy Blood from both palms of Child; to the Holy SHVA LINGAM [Symbol of God],
Holy Water, Holy-Land and Sand and to the special
Yagnana-Horma [Agni].

c. Child was observed the “Nature cure system of complete
Medicine”; to cure from the deadly suffocative incidents.This snake bites process are soundly known actions to Child.

But there are unknown bites are still going on; right round the CHILD; from in the name of: -
1. Social.
2. Friendship.
3. Relationship.
4. Communications.
5. Defense.
6. Ethnic conflicts.
7. Religion.
8. Language.
9. Music.
10. Fine-Arts and etc…..

2. 10th march, year 1998 on Tuesday early morning at 3a.m.simarlar incident was happened; but the white cobra didn’t attack the child. It was holding right foot by its mouth for couple of minutes while child was in sleep. It should have thought that the foot was its food. But child spontaneously got up, shake the leg, and released
the snake out its holding position.
That too was brought purposely put inside the room.


3. When the CHILD was undergoing the age of five,There was a multi color snake with full of poison kept with collections of dolls. Child thought that it was a beautiful garland and suddenly took and IT was ready to wear.
Child spontaneously realized it should had had been something else and thrown out of the house. Father and mother were immediately arrived closer to the child. Main purpose was to kill the child and it’s parents.


4. Wile the child was undergoing the age of nine, Mountain snake length of more than fifteen feet was put inside territory where child was dwelling. Parents didn’t know the motive of all these happenings. But the CHILD got alert from the age of nine. Child passed the message through the ‘inner channel’ to the ‘holly person’ Saththiyainthiraananthar. Within couple of days HE arrived from the holiest mountain Himalayas and made sound and perfect protection to the child in all the directions. When the child was passing through the age of three, its grandfather put the child at the village school.